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Bug/Issue List of texture mistakes (small asset issues)

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by It's E, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. It's E

    It's E Void-Bound Voyager

    Here's a link to a mod which fixes all of these

    I know you're supposed to put each issue in its own thread, but these are all pretty similar. I've checked all of these on the unstable, for the record. A slightly older version of the list below is spoilered at the bottom.​

    1) female apex feet turning from bare to furry while sitting down

    2) female humans and avians having one less dark pixel along their rear calve in the 6th frame of their running animation than their male counterparts (also florans lack this pixel in general, although this is consistent across gender and may be intentional)

    3) pink, black, and brown glitch piglets with off-colored extremities having their snout change colors in the 4th frame of their inspection animation

    4) toucan breastplate lacking a glove on the front arm while ducking

    5) soldier’s leg armor missing a knee band in the 4th idle pose

    6) scientist pants missing pixels in the 4th idle pose

    7) disguise pants missing pixels while jumping, and having discolored ones while submerged

    8) predatory trousers missing brown pixels around the ankles while running, jumping, or ducking

    I could upload files of how things are supposed to look if anyone needs them

    1) Female apex will have their feet turn from bare to furry while sitting.

    2) The brown, black, and pink glitch piglets with off-colored snouts will have their nose change colors during the fourth frame of their inspection animation.

    3) In the sixth frame of both the human and avian running animations, the males have one more dark pixel along their rear calve than the females do (); this is probably a mistake given that all of the other races' legs are identical across genders. However, while florans seem to mimic the female template, all the other races copy the male if applicable, so it's hard to tell which template is the "right" one. Male might be more common for that frame specifically, but all the almost all the other running frames for all the other races have a soft corner like the female.

    Considering all of these asset issues would take less time to fix than they would to repack, I figure it may as well get done. I've already done them myself through modding.

    Also, not to nitpick, but shouldn't we be using the word "sex" instead of "gender"? I'm just going off the character creation page's labeling. Although judging by the blocky human underwear, I'm sure it's just that Chucklefish wants to use the word "sex" as little as possible...

    ...so as a final note I should probably mention that it'd be nice if my underwear didn't interfere with so many beltlines. I guess this isn't really a bug, but it's annoying how kneeling forward causes the front of my underwear to rise over my beltline when the exact opposite is what should be happening. Mechanically it would make sense to just have it disappear whenever clothing is equipped over top, like how hair works with helmets. I'd really rather not have to dive into nude-mod territory. Only the list items are genuine errors though.

    also, EDIT: I wrote "nightly" by accident instead of "unstable" because I was dumb and thought those were the same thing

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  2. It's E

    It's E Void-Bound Voyager

    bump because of list updates

    if I shouldn't bump just delete this and I'll get the idea

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