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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BadgerDrool, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. BadgerDrool

    BadgerDrool Space Hobo

    Dogs are a unit that are not seeing a ton of play right now. They have some issue with building enough of them to compete with other more expensive options and being a bit glass vs cheaper options.

    I'd like to suggest the option to build two dogs at once (ala starcraft zerglings) for a price tag of say 450g. This suggestion is not meant to replace the normal build of 200g per dog, but provide a way to get more dogs on the map at extra cost.

    Im not sure what the full extent of balance ramifications of such a change are.
    • Beefster

      Beefster Poptop Tamer

      That would certainly be interesting, but I think the real solution is to lower the cost of dogs to 150G
      • TMII

        TMII Tentacle Wrangler

        Did you know that dogs are able to see through fog of war like in Forests or reefs?

        There is no Point playing with fog of war against the AI because currently it is able to see right through and even attack(!) your hidden(!) units but against other players this is a crucial ability.
        • Beefster

          Beefster Poptop Tamer

          That's not a huge deal IMO. The game wasn't really designed with FOW in mind, which is why it was only in one chapter of the campaign.
          • r0ck1t

            r0ck1t Intergalactic Tourist

            I agree with lowering the cost of the dogs equal to about the same as the spears.

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