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Is this a good idea?

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    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Hello! I am here to say that I think livestock could be a good addition to the game! Like vegetables, they would be used on farms. You could get a non-violent monster, put it in a pen, and feed it. Then you breed them, they grow, then you KILL THEM AND FEED ON THEIR FLESH! if you do not feed them, they die. (maybe) This would be good for players who want to play the old fashioned way, by not 3D-printing meat, or eggs. You could have a cow, and call it daisy. And drink her milk. Like a real farmer!
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  2. pinkie pirate

    pinkie pirate Cosmic Narwhal

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  3. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    A great idea. :eek:
    I'd love that idea. :O
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    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Did that second egg on your signature turn into a babby? :DD
  5. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeah, it just hatched. It's a rare purple dino and I was getting quite worried that wouldn't hatch before the timelimit.
    (They die if they don't get enough views and clicks in 7 weeks. Once it hatches, you have 7 more days to get it enough views to mature it. Else it dies. ;____;)

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Do you make them yourself? They're awesome! Do you take requests?
  7. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    No, I don't. It's a "game" of a sorts at You collect eggs dropped by other players, or collect the ones generated by the different locations on the map. :3 Check it out, it's pretty awesome.

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Aww, I was really impressed with you :(
  9. The Question

    The Question Ketchup Robot

    They're Really Dumb Anyways.
    On Topic: I Only Approve Of This If They look Exactly Like How They Look In The Picture.
    Also There's A Dead Man In The Refrigerator, Murdered By Two Apex With Gravity Manipulators.
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  10. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    That's a pretty dodgy looking cow. :wtf: But the idea sounds alright.
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  11. MEWMEW

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Who said it was a cow?
  12. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    It did: in its testimony, it clearly stated "moo".
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  13. MEWMEW

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Haven't you ever heard a cow before? They clearly go "shazoo"
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  14. Squigles

    Squigles Title Not Found

    i guess i figured this would be in the game already
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  15. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    well not only cows should be, sometime you can use goat or thous other animals to have their milk if you able tame them and able use different type milk for different type things, like cheese, cream, butter, and whatever is in dairy selections. Now here is the fun point, yes agree to take any flesh if it is male or whatever population of sexes animals have high point to make it low then let the population rise back up again. Good old bacon...and nice hams.
  16. MEWMEW

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    What do you call a blood sucking pig? A hampire, hahahaha
  17. Tleno

    Tleno Spaceman Spiff

    I say, this is bloody brilliant! Why grow carrots and space carrots when you can roast yourself a healthy, vegan rage inducing space cow steak! :DD

    What I say about this is that it really demands a some sort of simple, not annoying system of harvesting resources from animal! That is, you know, harvesting milk, eggs and so on is easy, you just need some tool that would allow you to collect those (unneceseary, actually, but hey, Eggmilker 3000 is a cool name, and a tool that both milks and collects eggs is, well, something even iPad can't do) and also would indicate the "recharge time" until next food item giveaway or at least would indicate if the animal is not ready or ready to give more of precious Venusian Slimecow mucus!

    Another thing is meat, and if I learned something from documentaries about nature and food insutry, and, well, life, it's that you need to kill animal for that, and that means you need to mate animals and then kill them... well. yeah... That's slightly more tedious task than just collecting mucus from your organic vending machine with your Eggmilker 3000, but not hard either. Still, any ideas how to make this feel more unique (Read: not copy Miencraft 1000%) without making it an annoying, tedious task?
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  18. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    On the bright side, this could create a whole class of people who would play Starbound and do nothing but raise livestock. Think about it. This would cater towards the people who would not want to be adventurers and would focus more on building instead of fighting. I for one know that way of playing will definitely be what some of my friends would choose to do.
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  19. Tleno

    Tleno Spaceman Spiff

    Is that really bad? In the end, the only actual tool of getting new stuff in this game is exploration and adventuring! Sure, you can make ice cream, sell it to local settlers and buy yourself a bag of seeds to continue living in your farm, but what about exotic materials and furniture for your farmhouse? What about that Zhubagthronipoovian spidergoat that gives even better milk? What about finding a Cosmo Farmer NPC that will assist you with farm stuff? That's where adventure kicks in. Thing is, anyone will get bored of what they have in their farmhouse eventually, and will set out for adventure!

    Trust me, adventuring and owning a tinny farm hut on a quite planet go well together, one motivates to hoard all those goodies you found, and another will motivate to set out on adventures to find more goodies! Endless cycle of fun (Until you run out of content :confused:) !
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  20. Puukainais

    Puukainais Void-Bound Voyager

    I think this would be a great idea, especially for people who enjoy RP.
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