Modding Help Location of the file that lets me change the music in the outpost

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ADecentNameForMe, Jun 24, 2017.

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    I'll just start off with this. If there is anyway to change the BGM in the outpost I already know how to do it, BUT I need to find the correct file that lets me do so. I have note pad ++ and already looked through a good portion of the folder pakfiles\dungeons\other\outpost , and I cant seem to find anything, If some of you lovely people would point me in the right direction (or just simply tell me what the file is) that would be gladly appreciated.

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    dungeon_worlds.config is what you are looking for. It is in the unpacked assets folder (where you unpacked the packed Starbound files) no further.

    "outpost" : {
    "primaryDungeon" : "outpost",
    "threatLevel" : 1,
    "gravity" : 80,
    "worldSize" : [2000, 1000],
    "dungeonBaseHeight" : 750,
    "ambientLightLevel" : [128, 128, 128],
    "ambientNoises" : "/sfx/environmental/space_loop4.ogg",
    "musicTrack" : "/music/planetarium.ogg"
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