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  1. TheLochNessCheeseBurger

    TheLochNessCheeseBurger Phantasmal Quasar

    The LochNessCheeseBurger (LNCB for short) Is an amphibious mob which grows up around lakes, seas, swamps, rivers, and even ponds. Moving around with their powerful lungs, slowly developing a more and more powerful respiration system which even lets them fly (for varying amounts of time depending on the amount of practice/age). They feed on harmless animals in their early years, and use the meat to make up the 'burger' part of their body, they also drink milk from various mammals and use that for the 'cheese' part of their body. Other than that, they eat and drink all kinds of chemicals, some of these have deadly capabilities, such as uranium. If they get a bite of this, you don't want to ever come close to them. The ones that got their hands on uranium tend to grow to much larger sizes and develop a much wider array of skills, such as being able to spew acids!
    Also once they are in their teenage years, they develop fire-breathing capabilities. This allows them to sit as bait, turn most of their body into meat and release meaty gases, causing a hungry carnivore to run to it. When this carnivore tries to eat what it thinks is it's dinner, it gets roasted and turns INTO dinner for the nearest family of LNCBs.

    Now for the logbook:
  2. Sceye

    Sceye Void-Bound Voyager

  3. Manilian

    Manilian Big Damn Hero

    I really like mobs with some backstories. Like, how was this mob originated? Did a scientist accidentally drop some kind of mutating goo on his hamburger for lunch?

    [Woohoo, 100th Post :whoop:]
  4. Dorsidwarf

    Dorsidwarf Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Saw the name, clicked, laughed, then actually ead it through properly

    Add a "whut? Whut? WHUT!?" option to the poll :DD
  5. Con7Rad7

    Con7Rad7 Giant Laser Beams

    I think you brained my broke.
  6. Zepher

    Zepher Orbital Explorer

    There are alot of planets in Starbound you never know it could be out there!!

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