RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (DNPCD_BETA) [@v1.6.9]

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    I don't have any other mods - this is the only one I've added so far. If it isn't a common problem then I might just try a new start and hope it doesn't happen again.

    OK, I tried another play-through and it looks like it's having the same issue. I planted strawberries on Sat 13th Spring (Y1) and watered them every day, including the day of planting. No fruit on Sun 21st. This time I copied the save file before buying the strawberries, so I can experiment with what is going on if needed. Also, this time no fairy turned up to complicate things. I will keep playing to the end of spring to see if they just fruit late.

    I tested moving forwards rapidly, just watering a couple of the plants. On both my separate play-throughs, the strawberries planted on Spring 13th produced fruit on Spring 25th. They are meant to take 8 days to mature, but are taking 12. This is the only mod I have installed, so either I've installed it wrong or it has affected the grow-time on the strawberries. I was careful with the installation, and nothing else seems to be broken. Other grow-times seem to be as expected - but I've only played within Spring 1 so far.

    If it is the mod, I would love a fix for this. I normally play to buy and plant as many strawberries as possible on the day of the egg festival. I guess not having the option for two strawberry harvests in Year 1 will force me to change my play-style, but it is unsettling - it makes me doubt the text on the other seed types as well.
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      Please avoid double/triple posts in such a short time. I merged your posts. :nuruwink:
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        Thanks - I would have done that myself if I knew how!
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          You can use the edit function to make additions to your post. :nuruhappy:
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            OK, that's clear. But will that then flag up as new information to the developer of the mod?

            I was reporting on an apparent bug in the mod, so it might be important that the later comments show up as separate info, rather than the developer just seeing my first post (about running no other mods). Wouldn't they have to be watching the thread in quite an unusual way to see edits of past posts?

            I agree that it's best to have just one post if the info hasn't been viewed yet, but I have no way of knowing if that is the case.
            • RTGOAT

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              I'll look into the MCM files to ensure strawberries didn't get edited by the original creators of MCM content.
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                  You may want to check out sunflowers as well. When I came across a glitch mentioned a few times before with the sunflower seeds being used but not planting, I saw that sunflowers were only set to be planted in fall but should be able to be planted summer and fall. Adding summer to the seasons it can grow in seemed to fix the issue.
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                  • RTGOAT

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                    This was fixed in v1.6.7.
                    MCM needed to be updated alongside the update.

                    I've double checked an reconfirmed that it should be set for summer and fall...
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                      Longevity v1.6.8:

                      *To opt-in the beta, simply set "DNPCD_BETA" to "true" in the Longevity Configuration file.

                      *If you're updating, be sure to keep your Data.txt file. If you're new, follow the instruction in the text file name [This is necessary for DNPCD].
                      *You must do this for every update if you overwrite your files with the default setup.

                      • Additions:
                        • New DNPCC sprites!
                        • Added marriage and relational dialogue for Abigail.
                        • Sprites for Soda items (Big thanks to Poe Black).
                        • Item descriptions for MCM (Done by yours truely, Jaksha!)
                        • Formatting for Nexus page to group Longevity information, installation help, and FAQs.
                      • Bug fixes/optimizations:
                        • Fixed an issue where NPCs wouldn't change clothing if they joined the player's current location.
                        • Festival dialogue should no longer cause lag during festivals.
                        • General changes/edits to fix and improve prior dialogue for Abigail.
                        • Revised MCM data to fix a few anomalies.

                      Longevity v1.6.8
                      Previous Version Threads: Longevity v1.0->v1.2 | Longevity v1.3->v1.4

                      I apologize for being so delayed with this update; this has been a busy couple of months.
                      I will release an update video tomorrow/Monday to go more in-depth with these changes.

                      Feel free to PM me your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.
                      Thank you!
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                      • genman

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                        expect upcoming Dynamic NPC Dialog!
                        Dynamic means facinatinggggggg

                        because most of other mod only change in static way.
                        if heart is above 4,they will only talk next information instead of former one.
                        But I'm still wondering this dialog mod.....

                        Does this mod make NPC talk all dialog nomatter what heart level is?
                        If I adjust some additional static dialog mod,does this mod also reveal or only talk vanilla dialog?
                        • DuskTake

                          DuskTake Void-Bound Voyager

                          how did you do to use longevity with json asset MCM?
                          • Kuriiyo

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                            So I just noticed something shortly after installing Longevity...

                            There's duplicates of a lot of the NPCs...

                            Edit: Nothing is in the log. I've triple checked whenever it duplicates the NPCs.

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                            • worldworld

                              worldworld Void-Bound Voyager

                              *looks at additions of recent update* Nice, nice.

                              I got a question regarding the Nexus. I guess the change was recent that you need a Nexus account to download files larger than 2 MB?
                              • Asher404

                                Asher404 Void-Bound Voyager

                                Well, it's free. What's stopping you from doing so ?
                                • RTGOAT

                                  RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                                  My assumption is on a mod conflict.
                                  Longevity doesn't create NPCs, but instead changes the properties of existing ones.

                                  Yes, Longevity is growing.
                                  And as Asher404 said, its free and you can give us a thumbs up if you enjoy the mod!
                                  • Kuriiyo

                                    Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Yeah it was Part of the Community that was bugging. Odd that it only decided to do it once I installed Longevity, but I figured it out. Thanks anyway. :)

                                    Edit: Actually, it's still doing it. Now I have 0 idea xD...
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                                    • worldworld

                                      worldworld Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Just personal preference where I work to keep my memberships on places to the necessary minimum (and that those forums have the option to delete your account). But I enjoy the mod immensely, and it adds dimension to the game, so I'll get an account on Nexus Mods.
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                                      • Mycenia

                                        Mycenia Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I had this issue with the NPC Locations mod, if you have that installed. Not sure if it was a conflict with something else, such as Save Anywhere or PotC, but removing it ended the torrid cloning experiments.
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                                        • Kuriiyo

                                          Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          I actually haven't had NPC Locations installed since I added UI Info Suite. Could that also cause it? It does show NPC locations...

                                          Edit: after extensive testing, it was UI Info Suite causing the odd duplicating. =/ Shame I can't live without that mod.
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