RELEASED Longhair Cats (Now with Patcher Pack! June '18)

Discussion in 'Pets/Horses' started by Korokos, Mar 23, 2016.

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    .7z is a compressed file format, like .zip and .rar, you need to unzip the files from the compressed folder first
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      Siamese one looks great! Maybe I'll try these out after I've completed my first play-through of the game :3
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        Hey all, it's been a little while! I've kind of moved on from Stardew atm, but I wanted to come back to check in c: Thank you all so much for your kind words! I'm really happy you guys like them!!

        I messed around a little bit with the image, but since there's only a one pixel difference for almost all of the changes except the tail, there's really no in between that i can do, sorry :c

        I wanted to do a calico, but they're so varied I could never pick one to do :p But i could try to make some time

        I'm sorry, but Kyubey would be a big job (at least 4 or 5 hours, I'm pretty slow). And I'm not even sure I could fit him into the box without his tail being all scrunched up over his body, which would look super crowded/confusing.

        You need to download 7zip to unzip the file. Inside will be a folder containing the xnb!
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        • i don't know how can u teach me plz
          i'm not really good at those thing
          • can u teach me how to unzip it?
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                This is quite a user friendly video tutorial you could try to follow: video.

                It will also guide through the installation process of 7zip, skip this part if you already have it installed on your system.
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                  Thanks a lot!^^
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                    These are so amazing, thanks for sharing em! :D
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                      Hnnn that moment you can't have more pets in the game.. ;;
                      I have a long hair black cat and a long hair cream point... ;v;
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                        Made a ghost cat based on the tabby poof c:

                        Grey Tabby Bi-Colour:
                        Grey Tabby Bi-Colour.png
                        (zips include .png, .yaml, and .xnb. just drop the .xnb file into "[...]\Content\Animals\" if you wish to use it :3)

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                        • Danzoc

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                          Thanks! I'm loving these!
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                            I love all of these! I have a dog in my main save but I'm definitely grabbing one of your Ragdoll cats for my second save... So cute!! :3
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                              I saw a thread so good i started crying? all of the cats on here look so cute and huggable and i may or may not be actually tearing up a bit- thank you guys for all the hard work you do!!
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                              • petaldancing

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                                ahhh unfortunately all of your pics are hosted on photobucket so they no longer show up. could you replace them?
                                • deadleaf

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                                  oh no all ur cat pictures are gone! :c
                                  • ReaOfSun

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                                    I took some screenshots of all the different colored kitties in-game, since the original pics aren't available. These are all the colors listed in the original post. I hope this is helpful!

                                    Orange tabby:
                                    orangetabby1.png orangetabby2.png orangetabby3.png

                                    Brown tabby:
                                    browntabby1.png browntabby2.png browntabby3.png

                                    Grey tabby:
                                    greytabby1.png greytabby2.png greytabby3.png

                                    Black (yellow eyes):
                                    blackyelloweyes1.png blackyelloweyes2.png blackyelloweyes3.png

                                    Black (neutral eyes):
                                    blackneutraleyes1.png blackneutraleyes2.png blackneutraleyes3.png

                                    Black (green eyes):
                                    blackgreeneyes1.png blackgreeneyes2.png blackgreeneyes3.png

                                    White (blue eyes):
                                    whiteblueeyes1.png whiteblueeyes3.png whiteblueeyes2.png

                                    White (neutral eyes):
                                    whiteneutraleyes3.png whiteneutraleyes2.png whiteneutraleyes1.png

                                    siamese1.png siamese2.png siamese3.png

                                    Ragdoll (blue eyes):
                                    ragdollblue1.png ragdollblue2.png ragdollblue3.png

                                    Ragdoll (neutral eyes):
                                    ragdollneutral1.png ragdollneutral2.png ragdollneutral3.png

                                    Cream point (neutral eyes):
                                    creampointneutral1.png creampointneutral2.png creampointneutral3.png

                                    Cream point (blue eyes):
                                    creampointblue1.png creampointblue2.png creampointblue3.png

                                    Tuxedo (neutral eyes):
                                    tuxedoneutral1.png tuxedoneutral2.png tuxedoneutral3.png

                                    Tuxedo (yellow eyes):
                                    tuxedoyellow1.png tuxedoyellow2.png tuxedoyellow3.png

                                    lamarr1.png lamarr2.png lamarr3.png


                                    nora1.png nora2.png nora3.png
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                                    • paradigmnomad

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                                      These are super cute! I've converted them into a configurable Content Patcher pack. Also includes the ones eLe made.

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