RELEASED Longhair Cats (Now with Patcher Pack! June '18)

Discussion in 'Pets/Horses' started by Korokos, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Ratlochet

    Ratlochet Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you!! I was really hoping someone would do this. <3
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    • Korokos

      Korokos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Hey everyone!! It makes me really happy to see there are people still enjoying my kitties, thank you all for your kind words! I'm also glad I remembered to check on this thread; all the images are now being hosted on imgur, and the front post has been updated.

      @eLe They look great! The tortoiseshell is my favorite c: I've added them to the front page :3

      @ReaOfSun Geez, this couldn't have been quick, thanks so much for putting in so much effort so that people could still see them! I've linked to this post in the original post too!

      @paradigmnomad Ooh, I'm not familiar with "modern" stardew mod stuff but this looks extremely convenient! Thank you so much for making it for everyone!! I've added it to the top of the original post C:
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      • vvorship

        vvorship Void-Bound Voyager

        Hey there! How do I get the ghost cat with the Content Patcher Pack? I don't know the naming convention that was used and I've tried "ghost" and "cat" but it's not working. Thanks so much!
        • paradigmnomad

          paradigmnomad Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          'ghostcat' Is what you need to set it to in the config.json
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          • vvorship

            vvorship Void-Bound Voyager

            Thanks so much! ^.^
            • shamemaker

              shamemaker Guest

              The zip doesn't have a config.json file. Or do we need to create it?

              EDIT: Just learned that it does create one after playing the game. Works great!
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              • Zosa

                Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                hi, how the heck do i download this? i get as far as the actual xnb zip file but there is nowhere to click and it does not seem to auto-open (i don't have an account to use dropbox though i have downloaded from there in the past with no issues)
                • staarfruit

                  staarfruit Pangalactic Porcupine

                  There should be a download button in the top right corner after you click the 'no thanks' about using an account.
                  • Zosa

                    Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                    it did not ask me about an account though on the third try it did let me download :rofl: i look forward to seeing a fattie ver of my lovely cat X''D
                    • peachyquartz

                      peachyquartz Intergalactic Tourist

                      I LOVE THEM omg so precious, you made these pixels look so cuddly!!!
                      • hayleythebunny

                        hayleythebunny Space Spelunker

                        i'm having trouble getting it to work ;n;
                        • Moragaine

                          Moragaine Existential Complex

                          @hayleythebunny How so? You have the latest Smapi and Content Patcher installed, yes? Unzipping it to your Mods folder should be all you have to do, so a little more information would be helpful.
                          • Dasmi

                            Dasmi Intergalactic Tourist

                            Hello! Is there anyway to get these made for More Animals & Adopt & Skin mods, please!

                            (If there already is a way, please explain tysm!)
                            • GodzillaFirebox

                              GodzillaFirebox Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Hello. This is my absolute favorite cat re-skin, specifically the ghost cat. I have not been able to find another cat re-skin I like as much. I recently endeavored to get this mod to work with Stardew Valley 1.5.3 and later 1.5.4.

                              I believe this mod (and other cat replacement mods) are broken because they still assume there is only one color of cat available in the game, cat.xnb. However, there are now three cat colors you can choose from. As a solution, I made the Content Patcher file replace cat.xnb, cat1.xnb and cat2.xnb in the SDV animals directory.

                              I have posted my updated version of the Content Patcher file for all the colors available of this mod. I can tell you it works in my game for the five or six different colors I tried. I also added instructions for usage/installation in the file, credited everyone who contributed code or images in this thread, and updated the version to 1.1.0 because the code is different from the original 1.0.0.

                              There is an additional skins file that I attached for use with Adopt 'n Skin, More Animals, or other re-skin mods.

                              Please let me know if there is a problem or if this could be improved. I hope this mod has not been abandoned as Korokos has not been around since 2018. I will continue to update it since I insist on using it for my game, but would love to be able to get permission to post or see this posted to Nexus Mods.

                              Here is a compilation and reference image of all 22 of the colors available:

                              Along with some more screenshots that are missing for several colors in an older post:

                              Ghost Cat:
                              Grey Cat:
                              Grey Bi-Color Tabby:

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                              • Thomas Anderson

                                Thomas Anderson Space Hobo

                                Eu tenho tido problemas para baixar no celular, quando clico em cima do nome para fazer o download não abre a pasta para ir para o mediafire

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