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looking to form a group of players

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by SigmaFenerox, May 14, 2020.

  1. SigmaFenerox

    SigmaFenerox Void-Bound Voyager

    the title says it! ok so first, hi! call me Sigma (my fenerox character), Rapture (fragment of ruin character), Kerbin (avali character), or Sedna (my true online name). I know this game is dying but I have hope in some sort of life in it for at least the time being. (I'm very much an optimist.) Just I am looking to form a group of players who are willing to play the game via the collection of mods I have (clientside mods optional and you can add more if you want, just NO CHEATING) if you wanna suggest a mod go for it and I will happily add it.
    so the rules are simple:
    one single star ship
    a single universe (aka a single computer) (if this idea grows I can make it two universes)
    solely rp. create a character, be that character.
    you can be multiple characters at once (I have 4)
    this group is to be active at least three times a week
    no being toxic (plz be respectful)
    when installing the collection, follow the directions spoken of in the description of it
    plz note, this is my first forum post on any forum across the internet ever (I'm turning 23 on the 31st but am shy and never liked the idea of signing up for every single forum. only signed up for this and the KSP forums because I am very loyal to the two greatest games out there. and yes that includes terraria, which I'm not too fond of for some reason!) anyway, I have no intent on checking this so I will just say that if you wanna contact me, get discord if you dont have it and join this server
    it was created as I created this post and is deigned solely to recruit players. join if you are even remotely interested and I can tell you more!
    this is the collection. take a look at it! there are A LOT of mods and its quite complicated but its very much designed for rp.
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  2. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    Moved to the Multiplayer section.
  3. SigmaFenerox

    SigmaFenerox Void-Bound Voyager

    it should be noted, the collection is listed alphabetically regardlesss of depencies! be careful installing the mods!
  4. redxlaser15

    redxlaser15 Big Damn Hero

    It's clearly been a while since you've posted this but I'm a bit interested. However I would like some changes to the list as I find that some of it would actually detract from the game in a way. For example, I don't want to freaking pee. Sure, it's realistic, but ew.

    I'll give you my reasoning for each change, suggestion, and inquiry into specific mods, not just be like 'this gud' or whatnot:

    -While this is meant to be more for RP, a couple feel too much like cheating to me. Just because you're doing roleplay doesn't mean the meat magically turns into corn or that that you don't need less or to make a bar. Survival and strife can synergize with roleplay very well. I'd prefer to not have the massive stacking mod, but that's one I'm completely fine with using in case you really don't want to do without.
    By adding the mod 'Tentacle Planets' you actually make it less lore and RP friendly, as that doesn't make sense in the context of the game. That's effectively putting the big bad boss everywhere.

    -I find that Enhanced Storage feels like a better storage mod than Digital Storage. It feels off having all your physical items 'poof' into being virtual and having a bunch of servers around instead. Also, replace 'More Planet Info Lush Planet Fix' and 'Various More Planet Info Patches for FU' with Frackin Universe: More Planet Info Official Patch. Those two are out of date and this one combines both.

    -There are actually a couple mods that would add a tad more of a RP feel to it but are ultimately fine to not have, Dramatic Deaths and Pay Up - Rent. First one gives you a better death animation than just 'poof' and the second makes tenants actually consistently pay you instead of potentially give you crap items you don't care about at all.

    -Something to note is that FU already has an instead hookshot in effect. As far as I know you can't make it though. It's called 'Precursor Hookshot' which you can find randomly around. I think it's more likely, maybe only possible, to find them in precursor biomes. If you really want it still sure, I'll use it.

    -Boring (semi-realistic) star names has so little impact that it seems kinda pointless to have. I guess I could get it, but feel like there's not much point to just changing star names.

    -Why in the world do you just want to make the avali small? I guess that's fine, but seems only slightly less pointless than the star thing.

    -For convience, you should add 'Skippable Cinematics' as there's not much point in seeing cinematics you already know about. Plus, if you really want to see it, you still can watch it. Also get Backpacks, because on the go storage is great. There'll be less times when you're busy but need to go back to your base regardless because your inventory is too full.

    -I find that adding both 'Death Gore' and what you already have of 'Blood Mod' makes it feel even better. More blood and your enemies literally explode. Very entertaining. If nothing else I would want to run 'Blood Mod Reduced' since the game usually runs fine but having that much particles in a lot of combat may be taxing on my computer.

    -RPG Growth Extended Levels basically just allows a higher level cap. XP requirement still scales like normal so it's not necessarily a straight cheat mod. You have to work to get to those really high levels. I'm okay with going without it though.

    And I think that's about it. The rest of the mods you have that I don't have I don't really care about all that much. Not necessarily super interested but certainly not against it.
    I feel like the suggestions I made, at least some of them anyway, might make other people more interested in general anyway. Although maybe it's just me.

    I also forgot to mention that you should get 'nonuniform.' Basically makes it so that you can customize each individual crewmember's outfit. It works both with modded and vanilla races.

    Also, Frackin' Races was put into Frackin' Universe itself so there is absolutely no point in having both.
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  5. SigmaFenerox

    SigmaFenerox Void-Bound Voyager

    hey! yea its been quite the while! I must say, during the point of creating this, I have reduced the mods severely due to gaining a friend on steam who does this with me. she has a severely incapable computer so its kinda been hard to play so many mods. that modpack is severely outdated tbh. here! friend me on discord and we can talk more! I now go by Sedna&Ann#5697. be sure to friend me there and we can work on getting this working. also, my steam is ngsborder and you will notice its me because I have the golden square (aka national geographic emblem) for a profile picture. just beware, I am in a really REALLY bad state right now due to my declining health combined with something I really dont wanna talk about.
  6. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    @redxlaser15 Please don't stack posts. Use the edit function to add to your posts or wait for someone else to reply first. I've merged your posts.
  7. redxlaser15

    redxlaser15 Big Damn Hero

    I was being half blind again and didn't see the edit button. Sometimes, I feel as if my eyes are broken. Sorry about that.

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