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  1. pencilstab

    pencilstab Pangalactic Porcupine


    [Also Available on Nexus]


    This mod is meant to utilize the game's mail system more. My intent is to make Love Interests actually mail the player with presents and check-ins, as well as hint at how to trigger their heart events so that it feels more natural than having to google when the hell to walk into the forest at 10 PM.

    **NOTE: You likely will have to make a new save file; I am unsure if this works with preexisting saves (if it does let me know- I have not had a chance to test it yet). A lot of the letters are only for year one at the moment.

    Currently, I only have Elliott and Sebastian done; but, I do eventually want to get all of the LIs completed... I just need to actually do their events to get a better feel for their personalities.

    Please note that this mod is operating under the assumption that you have at least 5 hearts with your love interest by Winter of the first year as they do get a bit more flirty later in the year.
    Only use one letter mod at a time; you will be fuckin' spammed by the LIs otherwise. While you can use multiple, it's really not recommended as they send similar items sometimes and can make the game feel a bit unbalanced as they do send some items not easily obtainable in early game (nothing too overpowered, but you know).


    Let me know if y'all find any bugs or typos; I haven't had a chance to go through Sebastian's, and I'm still working through my own save to access Elliott's.

    If you have any suggestions for letters, please feel free to DM me!

    Special thanks to @Yyeahdude for letting me use their Hunger Mod's mail file as a framework for this mod.

    Future plans:
    • Finish all Love Interests
    • Add in more mail and love letters
    • Extend letters past just the first and second year
    • Figure how tf to send recipes (shouldn't be too hard, I just haven't looked into it)

    My other mods:
    To install Content pack:
    1. Install Content Patcher
    2. Download the mod
    3. Extract .zip file
    4. Copy/move the files into the mods file. It should be in Stardew Valley>Mods. DO NOT PUT THE FOLDERS INSIDE EACH OTHER; THEY NEED TO BE SEPARATE.
    5. You're done!

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    • bearsister

      bearsister Void-Bound Voyager

      This is a really neat idea! I always thought the mail system was under utilized. One thing, though -- Luau is misspelled in the screencap you have!
      • pencilstab

        pencilstab Pangalactic Porcupine

        Thanks for letting me know! I've corrected the typo :) Pfft, I can't believe I didn't catch it sooner lol.

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