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RELEASED Magic Labels 1.1

Displays container labels when highlighting interactable objects (ALT-key)

  1. v6ooo

    v6ooo Space Kumquat

    v6ooo submitted a new mod:

    Magic Labels - Displays container labels when highlighting interactable objects

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  2. v6ooo

    v6ooo Space Kumquat

    v6ooo updated Magic Labels with a new update entry:


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  3. Ledhead

    Ledhead Phantasmal Quasar

    Have any plans on uploading to workshop? if not does it bother you if I keep a workshop file updated for you, I don't want any credit for it obviously just wanted to pack it into a workshop file for ease of keeping mods together in collections.
  4. v6ooo

    v6ooo Space Kumquat

    It's already on Workshop.
  5. Ledhead

    Ledhead Phantasmal Quasar

    Oh, Okay I did a look for it must of missed it bugger.
  6. simonswire

    simonswire Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    thanks for making this mod, this is a great idea to check those boxes i had rename . And I was EASY TO LOCATE the box .
    But isn't good for low ability-computer .
    I'm being a little bit lag while moving to storage area(with many box and container) in my my game . (i think it was mods "into view")
    What my opinion is , it with only display while i press ALT , instead of "into view" .

  7. v6ooo

    v6ooo Space Kumquat

    I found some variables that can change how name tags are displayed. I can completely remove them when they come into view but that also means it will happen for regular NPCs too.
    Performance wise I don't think it's going to make any difference.

    I've also been toying around with showing the names with particle effects but then I'm restricted to either show them all the time or when you are holding a 1-hand modded item.
  8. NeoSonic121

    NeoSonic121 Intergalactic Tourist

    How exactly did you stop them appearing when they come into view.. Is it something I could do myself?
    I find it a bit annoying to be honest... thought the whole point was for them to show up when you press the ALT key! =D

    Other than that it's a fantastic mod & something I feel should have been included with the vanilla game
  9. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Two odd behaviors:
    1. Sometimes (but not always) the names get a character sequence appended to the end "^wh"
    2. Often, renamed containers show up in the inventory window with the new name, but in the game with the old name. Save/restore doesn't help.
    The middle crate has extra characters "Crafting^wh"

    The bottom crate displays the old name "Ores & Metals" in the main screen, but the new name "Ores" in the menu
  10. v6ooo

    v6ooo Space Kumquat

    I haven't updated this mod in a while and I'm sure there's bugs where the names don't update. It doesn't really support colors.
    I'm looking for ways to display names more efficiently instead of spawning NPCs all over the place.

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