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    Sorry for the silly question if it's something I obviously missed.

    Basically I'm making a mod to replace Abigail with a new NPC, and am trying to send a letter at 3 hearts for the farmer to meet them at the seed shop. Now, I changed the mail string, but I don't know how to get it sent at the # of hearts I want sent at.

    If anyone could help, or let me know if it's been hardcoded, I'd appreciate it.
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      You can do it the way the game does it. Create a unique event on the farm that sends a letter at a heart level.
      Here's the following XNB files with their location, and example snippet using Abigail's Spirit Board message.

      2346097/f Abigail 2010/x abbySpiritBoard: "null" #!String
      For the event, you'd give a unique ID# to differentiate from the other events in the game. You'll probably want to unpack the Events files so you can do a search against them for any number you pick.
      That's the first column; those numbers at the beginning.

      The next column; is the friendship check. This event starts when "f", friendship; for "Abigail", is at "2010" heart points/8 friendship hearts.
      250 heart points equates to 1 friendship heart. So, for example; max friendship of 10 hearts is 2500 points.

      This last section tells the game to send a letter, and specifically which letter to send. This example sends the "abbySpiritBoard" letter from the mail file.

      abbySpiritBoard: "Hi @.^One of these days you should come to my room after dark... Maybe around 8pm. ^I want to show you something. ^  -Abby" #!String
      Here inside the mail file, we see the content of the letter that is sent by that event.
      The name of the letter at the beginning, and the actual message follows.

      Tailor this to your own needs, and you should be good to go.
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        This is perfect, thanks a lot!

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