Major lags while collecting items or killing enemies

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    So I've been playing starbound for a long time now, ever since koala builds, and the fps drops weren't that huge, hell, it was running better than now. I updated the game to the latest version and played it without any issues, the game was running perfectly on solid 60fps, even with Frackin' Universe installed. I could do literally anything and the game wouldn't drop below 50 fps. I forgot about this game for like a month. When I came back to play it, the issues started to show up. While just walking around (even at the outpost), the game runs kinda smooth (around 55 fps), but whenever I pick up an item, kill a monster or blow something up, the game freezes for like ~2-3 seconds, then fps get as low as 5, and after a few seconds, the game goes back to the normal framerate. Any advices on fixing this issue? I've been googling these issues for weeks, but I found nothing.
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