Make days last longer!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by iMike, Mar 11, 2016.


Make days last longer?

  1. Yes please!

  2. Nah, it's okey the way it is.

  3. Add other method to "sleep"

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  1. iMike

    iMike Space Hobo

    I'm loving this game so far, but c'mon, days pass so fast you start hunting Slimes and after killing 10 it's time to go home again and sleep...

    I know life is short for us humans but this is waaaay to short! :p
    • Zero_Burn

      Zero_Burn Void-Bound Voyager

      I had the idea to have the skull cave give a prompt before entering and had time stand still while you were inside the cave but jump to midnight once leaving. Days would still be the same length but then the spelunking could go on for a while without worrying about time, and since it would only be the skull cave it would require the completion of the mines first so it would be more end game stuff.
      • Zeronutty

        Zeronutty Space Hobo

        But this means you would be able to sit in the skull cave all (irl) day if you wanted to, which is not what the game is about.
        • Zero_Burn

          Zero_Burn Void-Bound Voyager

          The game is about having fun. And yeah, you could sit in the cave all day if you wanted to, but you'd run out of inventory or supplies eventually and the moment you left the cave (heading up the ladder) it'd be 12:00. After you leave the door would be "Mysteriously sealed" until the next day. Basically you'd get one shot at the skull cave per day and that's it. How long you're in the cave would be directly linked to your preparedness and skill, not an arbitrary time limit.
          • Zeronutty

            Zeronutty Space Hobo

            The game is about efficient working well for me anyways. That's why I think may be making the days a little longer but not adding a mechanic where you could spend all day grinding the caves and so on. my personal opinion. :)
            • Cider

              Cider Ketchup Robot

              I kinda would like a slider in the menu to change how fast or slow a day goes, especially since the speed of the day is such a heavily debated thing so why not just compromise and let people change it to their heart's whim by placing a slider in the menu?
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              • Zero_Burn

                Zero_Burn Void-Bound Voyager

                Maybe have a difficulty setting? Easy would be long days and higher item/ore spawn rate, Normal would be same as now, Hard would be shorter days and fewer item/ore spawns?
                • Cider

                  Cider Ketchup Robot

                  Eh, I don't know about making it a difficulty thing. Just it's own slider, no other straws attached.
                  • Ainzoal

                    Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

                    Because CA has already stated he doesn't want to compromise his vision. Same as fishing this is unlikely to change
                    • ZakG

                      ZakG Lucky Number 13

                      First post here, as a new player, but yes please. I have played plenty of Time Managment games and while they serve a purpose, one of the things i always loved about the Harvest Moon type games was their refrencing to a more relaxing pace of life. We are not playing a game about the Stock Exchange, so a slightly more relaxed day/night cycle would really suit the overall theme and feel of the game imho.

                      One of the very first mods i had to look for in Minecraft was to slow down the day/night cycle, and that made the game relaxing and enjoyable, and i wouldn't have been able to get into it without that change.

                      There is a mod for this in Stardew Valley already, but the current modding method is a little confusing and does not always work for everyone (it didn't for me), so the more the developer can do to aid the gamers enjoyment the better. A slider sounds great (if more work for the dev!), but i'd be happy with a config file in the main game folder i could easily edit for such things.
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                      • Anaxagoras

                        Anaxagoras Void-Bound Voyager

                        I think 10 seconds for 10 minutes, as most Rune Factory and Harvest Moon games are, would be a good number. At 7 seconds per each 10 minutes tick, I also find it to go just a tad too fast.
                        • Khaosius

                          Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

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