Make Grass/Hay more like rune factory/harvest moon

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What kind of feed should animals have?

  1. Complex: Silage fermented from straw, wheat, and chaff

  2. Dried: Grass that takes time to dry into hay

  3. Simple: Grass that immediately turns to hay (current)

  1. pronkyou2

    pronkyou2 Void-Bound Voyager

    I remember when harvesting grass in similar games that none of the grass disappeared. I'd like to see the grass grow quickly enough to sustain 12 farm animals, but also be able to withstand a single scythe without losing more than half the grass. Normally a mixture of fermented wheat, straw and chaff provides the necessary silage for animals, but for simplicity's sake and for lack of a combine or two the tall grass should only be partially destroyed, and should also overwinter so as to avoid having to plant a large number of starters/buy hay and close the doors.
    • Nialla

      Nialla Tentacle Wrangler

      I don't understand the grass situation in this game. I am constantly buying grass starter but it hardly grows while the 'wild' grass multiplies more rapidly. Neither grow fast enough to feed all the animals. I am constantly spending money buying hay. Is there something that needs to be done to the grass to make it grow faster? Water it? Fertilizer? Help- it's almost winter and the silo is empty :(
      • pronkyou2

        pronkyou2 Void-Bound Voyager

        Personally I let the animals into their own fields (At least 5 grass each, though they don't eat it all), and then had a bunch of overgrowth outside that I try to keep alive by scything it in rows and letting the rest grow into the space you create. Basically half the farm is grass because I wasn't sure how to handle the feed situation. If you can't afford your animals in winter I suggest selling them rather than letting them go hungry though, and try again next year. 4 grass starters took me 5 days to get it to a point where it was self sufficient for four animals, so I can only suggest buying enough hay for that time/slicing through some wild grass for hay. I don't much like caring for animals anymore, and only keep what I have out of habit.
        • Nialla

          Nialla Tentacle Wrangler

          Thanks, Next spring I'll try using more starter grass and see how that goes.

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