Make the entire Main Story "Universal" instead of "Local" for new characters

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Should the entire Main Story save to the character file, or to the universe file?

  1. The player file (Current System)

  2. The universe file (New System)

  1. Littleman9Mew2

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    "What the heck does that mean?"
    Let me explain, the main story inside the outpost is always tied to the universe save file, but not the quest themselves. So if you went to defeat the ruin, meet Nuru, etc, all teh events inside the outpost are unlocked to explore even if you haven't done the quests for them yet. However, on a second character, the game still treats to the norm of "Earth Destroyed" "Scan Stuff" "Talk to Esper". When I reached the outpost, the gate to the Ruin was open and I talked to Esper, who just went through the spiel of "gotta save the universe, last Protectorate, etc, find artifacts to open gate" when the gate was OPEN RIGHT BEHIND HER, not only that, I was able to get to the ruin on this character and hereby bypass the entire game! (Although I lacked the equipment to do so)

    Simple, instead of the main story tied to the character, instead make it tied to the universe, if players want to replay the missions leading up to that point, they can talk to SAIL who will easily give the associated quest to the character, for quests like the scanning ones, it will show up in SAIL's interface if the player hasn't done the scan quest before (as to not grind it for stuff insanely quickly).

    This would actually kill two Avians with one stone, as some people say that the "skip intro" option isn't enough to explore the rest of the game in a quick manner as they have to go through the 2 hours of fighting to get the FTL drive repaired, and that it also makes the rest of the universe consistent for that of players who played enough for a single playthrough without having people new on servers, and better yet mods, to be deployed to skip the missions (that are more or less re-doable) to get the FTL drive to function.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. tehcavy

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    No, because that would screw up side quests (they open up only on completion of certain main quest and are character specific), massively screw progression up (how about getting Hokucide from the get-go? You only need a bit of luck. Or Protector's Sword? Yours for 10 uppgrade modules, call today!) and would make some items plain unobtainable (how pray tell me you're going to get Esther's Journal and Thank You Card if their quests would be disabled?). Hey, at least making museums now serves purpose: just make a little "exhibition" of quest items on some barren planet and you're a winner.

    And if you hate Erchius mission that much, cheat in T3 ship upgrade.
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