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make use items stack

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kahaedra, May 3, 2015.

  1. kahaedra

    kahaedra Space Hobo

    make it so when you pick up a use item that's the same as the one you have, make it stack and get special abilities, such as reduced cooldown or extra abilities.(example: dynamite drops more dynamite when you hit stuffs)
    • mageblood

      mageblood Big Damn Hero

      There are already 2 items that have both of these effects. 3 if you want to add in the Enigma Artifact.

      Rapid Mitosis (Tier 3 item, red) - Reduce Use Item cooldown. Item database says it's by 25% multiplicative.
      Beating Embryo (Tier 3 item, red) - Use Items have double effect. 30% chance of the item doubling its effect, 4 of these max it to be double effect every time. Some items don't seem to benefit from this.
      Small Enigma (Special Drop, purple) - Reduce Use Item cooldown. % I don't know and the database doesn't have it, it is very minor. You would need 100+ to get the same effect as about 12 Rapid Mitosis (from my own testing in earlier versions).

      This would be unnecessary as there are items that achieve the exact same thing, they are just rare and you have to work for them. Use Items, however, are far too common and would unbalance the game, and making it give a very minor bonus would make it pointless.
      • kahaedra

        kahaedra Space Hobo

        I meant have multiple uses before needing to cooldown or get special abilities like the ancient scepter upgrades your 4th ability, when you have multiple items of the same type it could get an upgraded version. say you have the broken mirror that gives you a shadow, if you have multiple ones you could use it a second time or make it last twice as long.
        • buckyo

          buckyo Space Hobo

          Does anyone use any other use items apart from the Glowing Meteorite or the Jar of Souls? I haven't unlocked all the characters yet, I think being able to carry more than one use item, not too many, would be a good idea.
          • mageblood

            mageblood Big Damn Hero

            It would make the game terribly broken and overpowered to have either of these added, not to mention the difficulty of changing how use items already work.

            Making it multiple uses before cooldown is too much, especially since use items are quite common. You could stack a bunch of Shield Generators or Unstable Watches and be invulnerable forever. As for improving it? The only way use items would be 'improved' is by increasing their effect, such as doubling it, which I have said what existing passive item does just that in my previous post. Having it go beyond that amount of improvement would be overpowered. The other one, cooldown reduction, allows you to use the item again much sooner than before. This is why I explained what the previous items do to help, collect those and you have the same effect. Make use items stack and that is far too overpowered. Do any run long enough and farm items, you can become overpowered anyway, but it takes effort to do so.

            Many people use many items, Glowing Meteorite and Jar of Souls just happen to be some of the most used. Foreign Fruits is incredibly useful for when you need health really quick, just time it correctly. The above mentioned provide invulnerability in 2 ways, one is direct, the other stops time and prevents all enemies from moving or attacking and any further enemies from spawning throughout the duration (Blazing and Overloading enemies can still damage you however because of their effect). Missile Launcher can be quite useful for distant enemies, just not too distant. You just need to find the right item for the right situation and all of them can be useful. My experience with Jar of Souls, however, has been terrible, they never attack the enemies for me.

            If you are having trouble with higher difficulties, lower it and get a little training in. Watch some videos too, Rawrquaza might be a good choice. Could try multiplayer too.

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