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Bug/Issue Marnie Heart Event

Discussion in 'Support' started by EverGreen Ted, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. EverGreen Ted

    EverGreen Ted Tentacle Wrangler

    Minor, but still a problem.

    I received Marnie's rhubarb pie recipe in the mail.
    I have two hearts with her. And never had more in this savefile.
    • wozearly

      wozearly Tentacle Wrangler

      Marnie glitched out and sent me two recipes on two consecutive days at 3 hearts, so it's not just you.

      Someone reported other NPCs handing out recipes too early in the main bug collection thread, so I presume it's known. Really unclear why it's happening though.
      • EverGreen Ted

        EverGreen Ted Tentacle Wrangler

        As I said, it's a minor issue, but still an issue.

        Imagine giving your first gift to someone and they randomly tell you that the wedding is in three days.

        "Woah there"

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