RELEASED Marnie Narrative Overhaul! (Version 1.1.1 Out Now! Shane dialogue!)

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    Marnie the rancher! This mod takes her from barely a character to a fully fleshed out woman, who is taking care of Jas, her ranch, and a secret relationship with Lewis! As you get to know her, she'll reveal to you her struggles, her loves, and even some gossip.

    This mod adds in over 170+ lines of unique dialogue! That's new lines for every weekday, of every season , and every heart level!


    I've applied my narrative design philosophy to make becoming friends with Marnie a worthwhile experience. She is not romance-able, however!

    How to install:
    Incredibly simple:
    1. Download and Unzip the XNB file.
    2. Go to where you installed Stardew Valley.
    3. Go to Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue
    4. Move the XNB file over and overwrite the old one.
    5. You're done!

    This mod is Rated E10+, and uses no Gender Pronouns for your player character.

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    I'm looking for FEEDBACK!
    If you played this mod and liked it, or didn't like it, please let me know here on Nexus Mod or at my personal e-mail at

    Check out my other Narrative Overhaul mods by clicking here!

    Thank you for playing!
    Check out for more of my recent work!

    Click here to go to the modnexus page!
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    • haywrites

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      The Perfect 10 Edition for Marnie is out now!
      Get it here! Click right here!

      Perfect 10 Edition Extra File:
      ❤For people who got Marnie's Heart Level to 10!❤

      A best of mix of all the dialogue from this mod for every day of every season. This is for people who have had Marnie at heart level 10 for awhile, or got tired of what he says at level 10 with the N.O.

      With this, you'll see dialogue you may have missed, and she'll have something different to say the whole year long!

      The install instructions are the same as above, however, the perfect 10 edition overwrites the previous mod! Which is okay if he's at Heart Level 10.
      • haywrites

        haywrites Big Damn Hero

        Version 1.1 out now!
        Click here! Get it here! Right Here!

        Patch Notes:
        -Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
        -Added a LOT of dialogue for if you married Shane, the most of my Narrative Overhauls so far!

        That concludes this week of updates. Expect more Narrative Overhauls coming soon!
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        • Alvadea

          Alvadea Pangalactic Porcupine

          :party:I'm looking forward to it! I really love your Overhauls. Perhaps if you write more it would be nice to pack all Overhauls together in one file. ^^ For comfort.
          • mehve

            mehve Master Chief

            I'm really enjoying your narrative overhauls so far. I was so excited to see you come out with one for Marnie. I'm on my second playthrough of SV and these have made the game so much more immersive and enjoyable.
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            • haywrites

              haywrites Big Damn Hero

              Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you're enjoying them. If they are making the game better, then I did my job!
              • Flyteofheart

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                AHHH Thank you so much. I always wanted Marnie to talk more about Shane and have more to say. She was a severely neglected character. Im so glad I installed this. Getting the rest now too :D
                • haywrites

                  haywrites Big Damn Hero

                  Patch 1.1.1 is out now!
                  Fixed a spelling error that caused the wrong dialogue to show up on a Tuesday in Winter at the Second Heart Level.

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