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    Ok so I sent these on Twitter but I'll place these ideas here too.
    So I'm married to Sebastian and I was wondering how wonderful it would be to have cute marriage cutscenes, like two or three. Maybe one per heart. (I have all 12 so yeah xD) I'm addicted to these cutscenes like ofngsjj-

    Ok now for children, if you /aka ConcernedApe/ would make children, not only your own, but Jas/Vincent grow up over the seasons, like adding more stages, that would be amazing! For children they can resemble the mother/father you married, so, you know, you don't have to make it all high tech and custom, but a mix between both would be amazing! Since there's adoption for same sex you could have them be completely random. If you can, maybe the way you treat your child and what you give them /gifts, etc./ makes them have a certain personality, like a block of text and cutscenes for each one.

    And the last but not least idea, spiritd like in the secret forest, with a brother and sister who protect the foresr/statue and you can marry/date either. It would really be cute! Maybe a spirit gateway to where the junimos live? Hm? I love those little guys 0u0

    Ps, extra idea! Dogs/cats should have more of a purpose, maybe they chase off crow's and can have puppies/kittens. //with another dog/cat// they could also be sent to forage for items, with a leveling system! They could maybe catch fish or help with fighting, something more purposeful.

    Thanks to whoever's reading, I know this is a lot to ask but I just hope a few of these get implemented somehow.

    //extra edit clear up stuff
    For the brother and sister spirits it's a random idea, you could have two genders and more marriage candidates yeahhh! They tell you more about the world, and what's going on, a sort of story element.
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      yaaaaassssssss sebastian is best husbando. i would love more cutscenes too, and one per heart would be great (including the 13th heart ;o ;o i think a scene in which you talk about having a baby would be really sweet and endearing. and them getting nervous it. hehehehehe.)

      i think having the children grow up to vincent/jas age would be amazing, i'd love to be able to talk to them. i remember reading another thread that suggested there are different personalities and your kid could be one of those personalities or a combination of a couple of them, so each kid is unique and their own. i think it'd be great to exhibit a bit of likeness to the spouse too. i'd love for my kid to say that she got to be the wizard while playing solarion chronicles with daddy xD that being said though, that's a TON, a TON of new dialogue and scenes that would have to be implemented, so it'd take a long time to be done right. either way though, i would really love that. heck, i'd pay for an expansion honestly.

      i don't get what you mean about the spirit forest idea (the brother and sister part loses me)

      extra dogs/cats would be cool, but scarecrows already serve the purpose of scaring crows off. i do agree they should be used for something though.
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        For the brother and sister spirits I meant so you could have two genders to date, options and stuff but anyway that was spontaneous xD. Plus I meant to add something to the secret forest instead of just the statue, like protectors you meet, and the statue ties in somehow. They tell you more about the world and what they know, like a story element. //Sebastian is love, Sebastian is life// Also yeah a scene instead of them asking you randomly one night would be PERFECTT! And for the dogs/cats, it's because I'm low on wood/lazy xD but they should be used in someway, like what I said, foraging, etc. Such as helping with fighting in the mines or getting fish/trash from the ponds on the farm
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