Feedback Marriage Glitch - (Repost)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by CrazyGurl37, Jul 21, 2018.


Who is better?

  1. Sam

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  2. Elliot

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  3. Sebby, duh.

  1. CrazyGurl37

    CrazyGurl37 Big Damn Hero

    So my friend and I were playing together and decided to marry separate people (Sam and Elliot), and suddenly we noticed many bugs.
    For starters, my friend joined on to my farm and married Elliot first, and saw he was unclickable sometimes. Hes stands out on the porch of my (host) farmhouse. My friend also can not embrace Elliot (kiss) at all, but I can embrace Sam.
    Then after I married Sam, we noticed that they would stand inside each other in the area behind the main farmhouse. (Funny to see Elliot reading while Sam is skateboarding on him. lol)

    I personally feel, the person that gets married to the joined friends (In this case Elliot) should stand outside the friends cabin rather on the Hosts farmhouse.
    Also, I don't know how you'd fix them being inside each other but its a bit odd and a big of a bug.

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