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Bug/Issue Marriage is buggy with non-host player (BETA)

Discussion in 'Support' started by ladyCubert, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. ladyCubert

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    Woah what's this, a wedding at night? Really cool looking, but clearly not supposed to happen
    HERE ARE THE DEETS (X posted from reddit)

    My friend and I were playing multiplayer beta together and thought it'd be cute if we married our waifus right after the other. The plan was initially that we'd do it on the same day but I had the feeling that it would go weird due to the beta nature of the game. So we decided to do it on seperate days, one after the other. WELL it turns out the game didn't like that either. I (The host) married Harvey first and it all went pretty normal, but of course it was scheduled to rain the next day. So that was awkward. Not to mention we got the greenhouse built and it REALLY didn't like that.

    So we go to sleep. There's the cutscene of the junimos building a greenhouse, how adorable. and then half of my friend's wedding to Penny (Not the host) starts playing while it's still nighttime. Then it counts the money, and THEN the second half plays, but it's during the daytime and for whatever reason the camera is on the empty playground as it rains and plays the rest of the dialogue.

    To top it all off my husband just straight up disappeared the next day, couldn't find Harvey anywhere. Likely because there was a medical emergency with the game, as it was clearly having an aneurysm at this point.

    It seemed to fix itself the next day though fortunately, so it was mostly just the one day full of glitches. Although Penny now talks to me as though we are married, which I don't believe was intended. I know that the theme for this farm was naming ourselves after spiderman actors, but Penny I am NOT the same spiderman you are looking for.

    Anyway I think marriage still has some kinks to work out in multiplayer due to it being later in the game and less beta players have gotten that far, but fortunately it's nothing gamebreaking (so far)!

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