Marry Linus And Pam

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by QueenAryca, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. QueenAryca

    QueenAryca Void-Bound Voyager

    Linus and Pam may be the two most unattractive people I've ever met, both in appearance and personality. However, as I played the game more and got closer to them, they've become some of my favourite characters. Their backgrounds and their current situations just make me love them even more. They may even be the two loneliest characters in the game; aside from Clint, bless his shy cinnamon bun soul.

    Being able to marry them or even just live with them in your farmhouse would be amazing! Especially Linus, even though he says he lives out in the wild by choice, we could at least build him a shack on the farm for him to live in.
    • Scritchowl

      Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

      I like the idea of building a bunk house y yo u should be able to hire npc to work your farm

      Shane-works schicken coops increasing egg production
      Linus-checcks crab traps and picks forage(truffles and wild seeds)
      Sam-cleans debris and fixes 5 fences a day
      Abby-fights monsters (wilderness)
      Haley-markets your produce (photo advertising) increases value
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      • QueenAryca

        QueenAryca Void-Bound Voyager

        I love this idea so much, the jobs really match their personalities!
        • ChaosB

          ChaosB Astral Cartographer

          Linus is... interesting. On the one hand some of his comments, especially during events would seem to indicate that he could do with some more company, while at other times he seems perfectly content to be on his own, such that the occasional visit from the farmer is probably plenty of social interaction for him.

          Pam on the other hand seems to get better as time progresses, and you rebuild the bus so she has a job again but a 'hello' as I pass by or head to the desert is generally as much interaction with her as I care for, as she seems to vary between 'the world is a crummy place' and 'ah drink, my only friend'.

          I'd actually thought a bit about the idea of hiring NPC's for the farm myself, primarily due to Shane, so I'm liking that idea for the most part with the exception of Sam, given he actually does have a job once you restore the CC, working at the museum. Linus might be a bit of a stretch too, since he seems perfectly content with his current life and probably wouldn't be overly tempted by the idea of working for the farmer.

          In general though I certainly like the idea, a farm running at full steam can make absurd amounts of money, and it would be nice to be able to 'spread the wealth' and give jobs to some of the NPC's to help them and the player, further enriching the valley.
          • QueenAryca

            QueenAryca Void-Bound Voyager

            Sam also works at Joja mart before the CC is up and running.

            And as much as Linus seems content living out in the wild, it's pretty depressing that people ruin his tent and throw stones. So even just being able to move him onto private property would be nice and might make him happier.

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