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RELEASED Massive .abc filelist

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by expl0it, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. expl0it

    expl0it Poptop Tamer

    I've compiled a massive list,of .abc files for the musical instruments ingame, that's always being constantly updated/added to

    Because of the size of this, i've made the download method a SVN Repo.

    Repo Link: https://xp-dev.com/svn/starboundmusic/
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  2. Gunslingerx64

    Gunslingerx64 Space Hobo

    I registered an account just to say thank you for these. Nice collection. I have not tested in game yet but im looking forward to it greatly. :chrono:
  3. ollj

    ollj Big Damn Hero

    Yes these long lists of collections are going somewhere. And I see many songs from a pack I made that are too borderline-underground-obscure to have come from other shared origins (because some name changes that I made are still there); wormsong, chobits, ufo ultramaiden valkyrie, faster than light, superfrog, turrican2, uncle-fucka, red-dwarf, bob the builder and various other tv themes. good to see them circulating.

    Yay, also the "axel f simplified.abc" was once a monotone mml file that I made.

    I've been busy experimenting with some Corn on the Cob burning Faster than Light.
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  4. zanderwild

    zanderwild Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Cool list sadly doesn't have the song I have been looking everywhere for. If you could find or make a good abc for chemical plant zone from sonic the hedgehog 2 that would be really awesome.
  5. ollj

    ollj Big Damn Hero

    sonic2 chemical plant was way too easy. there are way too many midi versions and all of them make good abc files.
  6. expl0it

    expl0it Poptop Tamer

    i'll add this to the list now
  7. zanderwild

    zanderwild Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks! I would have done it myself but I haven't found the proper programs for doing so yet.

    Edit- Not sure if it's just me, but trying to play the ff7 victory fanfare crashes the game. No error message or anything just crash to desktop. Guess starbound just can't handle the awesomeness of victory.
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  8. Asatrix

    Asatrix Guest

    Hail! Great List. Really a kick. found a lot of stuff I couldn't elsewhere. Love that you included so much. Thanks much.

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