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    I think, adding matchmaking features for unmarried couples in town would be a great way to add changes and improvements to town itself. Also, it would show how player can actually change town greatly, besides repairing town center or taking one villager to the farm.


    Now you can have events what can lead to marriage of other couples when you have 8 hearts with both characters
    (or if you give certain item like mermaid pendant to them, thus making them 'in relationship', which allows player to have 10 hearts with them ultimately)

    Elliott and Leah

    When they are married, player can pay money and fill their 'newlywed bundles' to renovate Elliott's house, where Leah will move when finished.
    Finishing Elliott's new seaside house will give access to Elliot's boat, what you can use to travel between Elliot's house to Robin's house(Mountain lake) or Marnie's house(Forest River)

    Sam and Penny

    When they are married, and you have more than 9 hearts with Pam, player can build their new house instead of current community improvement from Robin. Sam will move to Penny's new house when finished.
    Building new house for Sam, Penny and Pam will make desert bus free.

    Sebastian and Abigail

    Only happens when Elliott and Leah are married to each other OR player, thus making either of their house vacant.
    When they are married, player can renovate Elliott/Leah's empty house by paying money and filling 'newlywed bundles'. Both Sebastian and Abigail will move to their new house when finished.
    Finishing Sebastian and Abigail's new house will enable 'Abigail the Adventurer', making dying in mines will no longer cost money and item loss.

    Harvey and Maru

    When they are married, player can renovate Harvey's clinic, where Maru will move when finished, by paying money and filling their 'newlywed bundle. This will add an observatory to Harvey/Maru's clinic and apartment.
    Finishing Harvey's new clinic will unable observatory, which will increase chance for random events(meteorites, witch, time capsule..) 1% every time you use it. Resets when event is fired.

    Clint and Emily

    When they are married, player can renovate Clint's blacksmith, where Emily will move when finished. Player can pay money and finish their 'newlywed bundle' to renovate Clint's Blacksmith.
    Finishing Clint's new Blacksmith will make Clint tinker the old mine cart, making it into a flashy tram, giving it neat new look and adding new stops in town square, southern forest near wizard's tower and railroad station.

    Alex and Haley

    Only happens when Clint and Emliy are married to each other OR player. Alex will move to Haley's house IF Emily is married. Haley will move to Alex's house IF Emily is NOT married. Moving requires renovation of Haley's/Alex's house which requires money and 'newlywed bundles'
    Finishing Alex and Haley's new house will make Alex and Haley help your daily duties, same with your wife's chores but happening DAILY.

    Shane and Sandy

    Only happens when all 6 couples are married (means player should NOT be married to any of them)
    Player can renovate Sandy's shop with GREAT amount of money and TERRIBLY DEMANDING 'newlywed bundle', where Shane will move when finished.
    Finishing Sandy's new shop will open secret shaft to skull cavern, enabling player to start digging from 50F.

    After this there can be kids between couples I connected, or secret new character who can only be accessed after you finish matchmaking for all 7 couples, but well. So far this is daydreaming :D
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