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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Suika Ibuki, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Ghostar

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    Yea Ayumi did a few last night, like a pink/cyan colored sprite.
  2. Kalvuric

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    Maybe its too complex, but it would be awesome if in-game Anodynes had glowy, shifting animation to their sprites. For example, the head-flame thing would flutter and the 'skin' colours would shift/cycle. The whole relative peacefulness of their civilization and the inclusion of outcasts (like the core Starbound races) are nice touches btw. I imagine it would be a great starting place for stories showing some darker concepts of such a society (the whole art destruction + gods thing comes to mind.)

    +1 for another cool concept! :D
  3. Guppy The Cat

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    That is complicated, I would suggest the same you said above (Core, stardust and starpieces) but the starpieces are small, as you said. We need a third new factor :/
  4. Tojo

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    Is it possible to make the star pieces larger to that the pieces are large enough to color like as if they were actual shell pieces? It could be like how humans have and undies color option.
  5. The sprite is way too small for that. At least for me. If anyone can do it in Starbound's style [trust me, my love for detail makes it difficult to maintain that style], it would be greatly appreciated. The only other way is to actually increase the actual size of the starpieces, and I don't want that. [except for the head, which is one of the ideas I've had for head variations.]
  6. Tojo

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    That's understandable. Umm what does the core color, hair? I'm assuming stardust is skin color

    Edit I'm looking at the spirite and I'm wondering if you could do something like seconday and tetriary cores at like the joints. They don't have be super large but they do allow to do detail colors similar to the way glitch eyes and joints are colored also it allows for simple gradients that emninate from cores all over the body instead of just a single gradient from the head
  7. Core color is simply the color of the core and the particles in the body [in this case, white]. Stardust is the skin color [in this case, cyan].
  8. GabirilosGR

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    I think i'm in love :love:X3
    Awesome work BUT the female needs a bit bigger chest.
  9. That is against my preference. I do not want to.
  10. anodyne chest.png
  11. The only chest Harta Coffre would give up her current for.

    That is, if the Anodyne was colored emerald.
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  12. Ghostar

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    DO WANT! Emerald Anodyne! (Wearing a chest)
  13. GabirilosGR

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  14. Because you can totally see the other side from behind your sphere anytime you want.

    Is this all the 'info' you wish to 'contribute'?
  15. Tojo

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    What Suika was saying is that, your comment is more or less useless and doesnt contribute anything the race.

    Also, Just because 'you' cant see it doesnt mean its not visible, something doesnt become invisible just because you cant see it, others can see what you cant.
  16. Ayumi

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  17. MoonyJello

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    Considering the fact they're born from stars, I think he's going to keep the colors limited to the colors a star could actually be.
    Last time I checked a star couldn't turn purple, or pink, or green.
  18. BoaSnake

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    This has got to be my favorite race of the ones I've seen. Also, amazing sprites Ayumi. I really like the white one.
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    I really do hope that they're actually looking into the communities suggestions seriously, because I honestly do feel like Anodynes, and the Monophytes, and the Parfelians could all fit very well into the game.
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  20. Ayumi

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    Last time I checked star people didn't existed (that we know of) and this is a game. :3
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