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    Really liking the idea of this race. I just have one question/concern, albeit it's perhaps a silly one.

    How would water affect them, their bodies being comprised mostly of flaming materials? Would they still be able to swim?
  2. They're a superfluid, they're not really "on fire". Their outer viscous layer keeps the superfluid from leaking out, and keeps water from leaking in
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    wouldn't their fluid disperse?....whats holding them together? :cautious:

    look at how cool my icon is...I AM THE GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE BWAHAHAHHAA
  5. The head portion though is kind of difficult to explain, so for now I'll just say it's there for the pretties.
  6. I hypothesize that they each have a little ghost that haunts their face, pushing away any foreign molecules with its tiny invisible arms at incredible speeds. *nod*
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  7. Seems legit.
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    How do they procreate?
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    You had that one coming suika. :rofl:
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    I second the question :b
  11. They are asexual and can procreate on their own. Some starpieces often receive enough radiation that it starts to become unstable. This starpiece then turns very radioactive and very heavy in a way that it could collapse in itself, possibly heavily injuring the carrier. Hence it needs to be removed. During this phase, the Anodyne can either forcefully rip it off from its body inflicting instant bodily harm on itself, or suffer constant minor injury as the piece slowly gets expelled from the body through the pretty flowies. Or the hair thing. Flowy hair ghost. Haunted flowy ghost thing.

    Either way, upon leaving the carrier, the starpiece is put on the ground and buried. Because it's dead.

    Hahah, I'm kidding.

    In reality, they reproduce like bacteria. Considering they never evolved through evolution, their way of procreation is rather artificial and before its discovery, the only way they were able to maintain their survival was their everlasting life and their star expelling more of their own. They discovered that the starpieces in their body are capable of turning into cores, should it be irradiated enough by their cores. Unfortunately, these only happen on the pieces on the face [hence why they call them 'gonads' in the comic], due to it being so close to the core. The starpiece, once irradiated enough, slowly transform into a core [how it turns into a core is unknown because Suweeka is lazy]. This core then starts pumping out stardust, which then greatly increases the density of the anodyne, causing it to heat up and melt the viscous surface they sport. Due to the characteristics of the core [It is a white hole emitting stardust], the carrier's core and the newly-born core push against each other, causing the Anodyne's body to split into two. The end results in two smaller-sized Anodynes. The newly born Anodyne can vary in bodytype, and can even be born with an adult body. With the mind of a babbeh.

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    I want to play as one of these... like, right now!
  13. "Feeling Lucky, punk?"

    Anodyne in a Novakid outfit
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    so I decided to be productive, so I made this

    (note, I suck at this kinda art...but I did my best :3
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    Oh man these things are awesome.

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    I smell a DLC race. :rofl:

    Also, my reaction when I saw the sprites:
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    that would be amazing :D

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