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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Suika Ibuki, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. I don't think i'm in any position to ask them to change anything. I honestly don't even think I'm in a position to complain about it either, and I'm trying my best not to, while still expressing my thoughts about it.

    All I know is that Tiy is working on trying to make them look like Anodynes a bit more, but even so, I'm concerned I will still fail to see that part as 'Anodyne'. A name change would be significant enough, but big enough for people to change their minds about the race itself.

    Note that I have nothing against the Novakids, or the name itself. I love them almost as much as I love my Anodynes. I just wish the Anodyne concept of the race is shown to the point that it is very recognizable that it IS from the Anodyne suggestion.
  2. Sorry about that whole ordeal, Suika, I now better understand what you feel right now.
    I guess changing the name would be nice, but after advertising it in multiple places, I doubt the devs would agree.

    Although, what I said wasn't completely false, since you did help make the Starbound Novakid. (just not the Bietol Novakid)
    I guess it kinda sucks that the Starbound Novakids are so much more similar to the Bietol Novakids, but I don't think you should feel too bad about it.
    We, as fellow forum members, will know that you contributed a lot, and I think that's not bad. [​IMG]
  3. Rekalty

    Rekalty Friend of the Night

    I would have preferred this over the Novakid. I really can't take a species called "Novakids" serious :p
    Anodynes on the other hand... Has a very nice ring to it!
  4. I'll be honest; most likely both of the Monophytes and Parfelians never will.
  5. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    don't be like that D: they are amazing suggestions! I would be surprised if they didn't :O
  6. If you don't mind me asking, how did the Novakids and the Anodynes get recognised in the first place?
    As far as I can tell, most the devs don't really pay much attention to things in the suggestions subforum.
  7. I'm not sure myself. Perhaps they do randomly pop in the suggestions forum and check a couple of threads. if that were the case, the fate of certain [but unclear as to which] suggestions are surely not going to make it.
  8. Well, my guess is IRC advertising. People get really hyped about something, and they talk about it on the IRC.
    The devs just happen to notice, and they take a quick look.
  9. If i recall correctly the Monophytes and Parfelians have been mentioned a bit in the IRC. It's possible the devs haven't noticed it at all, however.
  10. I have a question as well.
    Was there some sort of agreement between the three of you (you, Bietol, and Fetal) to make similar races?
    Was one of you inspired by another, inspiring a third?
    Was it coincidence?

    No amount of reading through the threads really explained it to me. [​IMG]
  11. Sousuke Kuroda

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    If the new race is really a mixture of both suggestions then I agree that a new name would be better, something neutral, decided on by the devs perhaps. Not to mention the name Novakid makes it difficult to take the species seriously.
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  12. It all happened in a private conversation. But basically, I made Anodynes as a separate race. I was aware of Fetal's Starkid OC, and I strayed as far away as possible from her in terms of design, because I understand having clones of your OC is rather annoying. Anodynes were not made as an inspiration to anything.

    Novakids are the result of Anodyne and Starkid designs put together.
  13. Sousuke Kuroda

    Sousuke Kuroda Spaceman Spiff

    If that's the case it seems almost "unfair" that the race chosen would be the Novakids. Furthermore I hadn't heard of the Starkid race before and now I can't help but feel that Novakid is a direct ripoff of that name.
  14. It wasn't necessarily the chosen race, the Starbound Novakids are a combination of all of them (although mostly Novakid, which is what seems unfair to me).
    They just kept the name Novakid, which is a little weird, since they said they were combining all of them...

    EDIT: And like the posts below said, Starkid is just Fetal's character, not a race.
  15. Starkid is an Original Character of Fetalstar. Bietol actually based the name 'Novakid' off of this name, but changed it so that 'Starkid' retains its originality. Of course, the reason why he did this was because of the fact that it sounded very cowboy-ish, which I agree with; it does sound very cowboy-ish.
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  16. Tojo

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    Starkid isnt a race, its an OC that Fetalstar came up with
  17. Sousuke Kuroda

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    Ahhh ok then, I must have misunderstood.

    Yeah thats where I'm confused, if it really is a mixture of all of them then why not think of a new name altogether? By calling them Novakids we're left with the impression that no other ideas were taken into consideration.
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  18. Bottom line is, I really just wish they notified me about this before releasing it. Realizing I'm getting one of my races ingame, then seeing the product as something that doesn't have amuch to do with mine really saddens me.
  19. To be fair to Tiy, he said that multiple people made it, not just Bietol.
    But ya, I agree with you Sousuke, a different name would've been better.

    Do you know if Bietol was notified? Because if he was notified and you weren't, then that says something...
  20. I don't mean to break apart this conversation, but I am curious, Suika:
    Does the Anodyne who had a crush on Ellie have a name?
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