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    Hmm.. their fashion sssseems to be majorly based on Egypt... as an Egyptian, I support this. \ o /
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  2. Close. Middle eastern.
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    Egypt recognizes Islam as the state religion, and due to being on the Mediterranean coast it shares a lot of culture with the countries north-east of it. While I wouldn't consider Ancient Egypt to be mid-eastern, exactly, and modern Egypt is technically on the African continent, they pretty much dress as many mid-easterners do. It's another one of those reasons why I thought Egyptian could be balled-up into Mid-East back on that What's Missing thread.

    By the way, I made an armor inspired by snakes for the Arachneidi, and while it isn't exactly the Cerpine style, you can certainly use it if you'd like.
    Armor MXj.png
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    Your knowledge inspires me. :')
    I think that armor would look well for the Cerpine if my vote counts \ o /
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    Should definitely be a race in Starbound, I especially like the fact that they seem even more unique than the other races.
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    Awesome idea! This really needs to be added to the game :)
    oh i have a question, just for curiosity: What does a cerpine if its suit gets destroyed?
  7. Look who's finally getting the attention they deserve! Keep up the excellents!
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  9. Preview of the elusive female Cerpine!
    Will finish soon.
    female Cerpine preview.png

    Also, if you enjoy this race, please go to the new suggestion section and upvote it!
    It's in the negatives right now, and could really use some help!

    I can't link it directly since it's constantly moving, so you will need to look around a little bit.
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  11. How do you have -8 points for your suggestion in the new suggestions thing?
  12. I honestly don't have a clue.
    This thread has received positive feedback from just about everyone who's talked about it, and I don't have any big enemies who I know would downvote this.
    The only thing I can think of is that people who like other races are trying to eliminate the competition, since almost all the races, save for a select few, are downvoted, good or bad.
  13. [​IMG]
    Finished Female Cerpine!
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    I've got some questions and concerns about this race, a lot of it doesn't seem too thought out and I'd like to fix this, I'm going to highlight most of the problems that stand out with this race, so they can be brought to attention and fixed.

    How do cerpine manage to create and manipulate tools with only their mouths (and maybe tails)? You can't use most tools efficiently without your mouth, half of them you'd probably only be able to pick up. How did the cerpine even create these tools? I know you're going to say it's difficult and they got used to it or something, but there are some things that are just too complex for you to create, maintain, and utilize with only one very inefficient appendage. Mainly cities. How did they create cities? How did they even manage to get past living in caves?

    How did they manage to do things like masonry, metalwork, and other labour intensive tasks without flat out killing themselves? All of these tasks, even now, cause calloused and burned hands, how did the cerpine manage to do this with their mouths and still manage to eat? Not to mention the mouth and face is magnitudes more sensitive than hands. How could they bear to keep enduring that pain for architecture? Not to mention infection. How does the average worker survive infection? He'd be cutting and burning his mouth and face up, constant infections would be the norm.

    Here's the biggest problem with most suggested races. How do they figure out the technology enough to create cybernetic suits and WMD's? You've established that a battle caused the debris to fall, so why did they have technology for adapting machines to neural networks (which is what they'd have to have for a suit capable of linking up with a body). You could argue that they might have had some because of a medbay, but we're talking maybe two dozen, not hundreds upon hundreds as it'd take to get all of these in. Plus, the stuff fell from orbit. Most of it would have been burnt up in re-entry, how did the stuff survive and still be usable?
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    The worst part is with the technology that fine you have to have a the manual dexterity such as hands to even make or process them to work.
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    And even beyond that. The stuff we have in biotech (which is still -at least- a decade or two behind this stuff) can require special machines to calibrate and refine them.
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    I actually like this one, but one thing... could you consider working on customizability of the facial epxression? A find that smile rather silly, altrough overall visuals are appealing.
  18. I believe I already answered this question a while back, but I'll place it all in one statement. Hopefully, you approve of it.
    This isn't necessarily fact right here, as I chose not to record all the little details from my head, but it can help to explain why they were able to do the things that they did.

    First of all, you are very correct in that it would be difficult to build cities. However, I feel as if a snake had a brain as smart, or smarter than a human, it would figure out a way to create things, despite the difficulty. Complex tactics would come into play, and while something may be difficult for a single Cerpine, it might be better accomplished with two or more. For working with stone, they domesticated a special type of turtle, which has large front claws for digging through sand and stone. Working with metal would be one of the hardest things to accomplish, but if they were to use stone or clay molds, they could create simple metal objects and slowly improve on their technique.

    As for the living in caves thing, they started out just living in simple tents made of skin, wool, or plant fiber. Eventually they got to cities.

    As for their mouths, they would use mouthguards made out of plant fiber, animal skins, and other material in order to protect their mouths. For infections, they would eventually build up a resistance to diseases, similar to they way Europeans built up a resistance to disease, as is natural.

    And for the ships. Remember that we're in the future here, and that most ships have been specifically designed to survive a crash landing. They might have shields, they might be made of a very strong material, they might be shaped so that there is minimal friction on entering the atmosphere, etc.

    But this causes a different problem. But it is one where solution is very favorable. If the ships were to stay intact, then there is a very high chance that there would be bodies from the battle, and even survivors. This actually fixes the biggest issue with the race, which is the speed of which they learned about technology. If survivors of the fighting races were held hostage and forced to teach the priests about technology, then it would make tons more sense and be more interesting as well.

    I will alter my story to incorporate this.

    However, I do want to say this. While helping to improve the storyline to be more believable is great, keep in mind that you can go too far, nitpicking over details.
    How the novakids even function and the whole de-evolution thing with the apex are major problems with the race. However, getting rid of those would mean that the race is significantly more boring. in short, here's a comic.


    ... Don't remind me that the old one looks like a smile. :facepalm:
    This is the new one. I just have to get around to changing most the sprites.
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    Hmmm... the new sprites are lovely! Definetly like them!

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