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    "A chair made of wood! That's how you know it's expensive."
    "A pleasant little cushion."
    "The bed has no blanket, just the way I like it."
    "A small wall carpet made of Kylthen."
    "A large wall carpet made of Kylthen."
    "It's a decorative lamp, made from low grade bronze."
    "A simple clay pot, used to carry around water."
    "A cheap-looking golden lamp."
    It's a radio. One of the first things to use electricity."
    "This table is carved with fantastic designs."

    Other items:

    "A gorgeous wooden table." ~Avian table
    "This bed appears to be the norm for an Avian. Lucky." ~Avian bed
    "Crude, but reminds me of my ancestors." ~Avian Statue
    "Made entirely of organic matter." ~Floran Shelf
    "Just like our carpets. Only uglier." ~Floran animal skin
    "Carved of bone. Freshly made, from the smell of it." ~Floran table
    "HEY! I saw that!" ~Apex monitor
    "High tech, low comfort." ~Apex Scientist chair
    "This would look wonderful... If I had no taste." ~Apex OBEY poster
    "So unpractical, you can't help but love it.~Chocolate Fountain
    "Gold? FOR A KING?!" ~Glitch throne
    "This is stupid. Glitch don't have hair." ~Glitch painting
    "A humble little wall carpet." ~Glitch Tapestry
    "I'm getting thisty just looking at it..." ~Hylotl water feature
    "I thought hi-tech things were FUN." ~Human chair.

    New Customization options!
    Avatarmaker cerpine.gif

    Will update the first page when I get the time.
  2. Hiuki

    Hiuki Pangalactic Porcupine

    hmm, a race of snake people that use mechanical suits... hmmmmmmm... may just be me, but made me think of Earthworm Jim. xD very neat
  3. The original idea actually comes from a far side comic I read when I was younger, where a smart snake invents a mechanical hand and asks his freind to "Put 'er there".
  4. Just gonna drop this here, birthday boy. :p
  5. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    *Pukes rainbows*:rainbow:
  6. se05239

    se05239 Subatomic Cosmonaut

  7. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    They cant have tails ingame except if is an armor.
  8. I knew this about half a year ago. I prefer to have them there, because it makes them look more like snakes.
    I hope that it is possible to later add tails to the game, similar to the way hair works. It doesn't get any armor*, and is just there for aesthetic purposes.
    However, if it turns out that I really cannot have tails, I will omit them, as they are not necessary.

    *Maybe a simple cover in airtight suits.
  9. Update!
    All Cerpine Ore-based daggers!
  10. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

  11. Another Update!
    All Cerpine Ore-based swords!
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  12. se05239

    se05239 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the sickle looking ones.
  13. Azure Edge

    Azure Edge Void-Bound Voyager

    I liked the Red Razor, that's a name and a half of what I'd call it
  14. All ore-based Cerpine blunt weapons!
    My best work yet!
    I think I'll do the ship next...
  15. My biggest pixel art project yet!
    The Cerpine Ship!
  16. UltraSnaky

    UltraSnaky Pangalactic Porcupine

    Fantastic. The silver one looks particularly painful.
  17. An updated ship, and a Cerpine book.

    Polycephaly is a rare genetic condition of having more than one head, and it affects all animals.
    However, most of the time, these creatures die shortly after birth, making it them even rarer.
    Cerpine however, along with some of their smaller cousins, will more often than not survive this condition.
    Though their life expectancy is cut by approximately 20%, they can often live life normally.

    Cerpine diagnosed with polycephaly will sometimes require a custom-made mobility suit, depending on where the two heads are connected. They will also need special clothing, education, medication, etc.
    Both heads will often have their own personality and thoughts, and they will both be able to control the body. As such,
    both heads are also often recognized as separate Cerpine. This can be difficult for them, since companies
    will sometimes charge them double, yet they can only work one job at a time.

    However, despite their problems, there are advantages to having two heads, considering they can work together. In combat,
    they can use a four-armed suit, and utilize advanced fighting techniques. Two heads also lowers the chance of getting
    snuck up on, and it allows for the Cerpine to multi-task, which can be used in several different ways to make life easier.
    Sometimes, it just goes to show, two heads are better than one.
  18. Lavranzo

    Lavranzo Pangalactic Porcupine

    I love this idea. I just want to say I support this fully! :)
  19. 7x9000

    7x9000 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  20. 7x9000

    7x9000 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    May I use this race in a fiction I'm writing?
    It would be awesome if I could.
    I would use the race as villagers or a protagonist or something.
    I am just asking to be nice.

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