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  1. Certainly.
  2. 7x9000

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    Thank you good person.
    I will be writing.
    If I remember I will send you a link of when I post my story.

    ...That is if I ever post it...
  3. [​IMG]

    Now that beta's out, I'll start working on this again!
    Here are the Cerpine spears!
  4. GunmanRex

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    Glad to see that this is back up and visible to more people.
  5. Ado

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    They look really cool!
  6. Well, they look even COOLER when they're modded into the game!

  7. Gerrinator

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    I like the idea, but I'd rather not have the robotic arms and legs. Why can't they just be humanized snakes?
  8. Jonesy

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    But then they'd be lizards, wouldn't they? :confused:
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  9. Because so many "snake" races are just that.
    I thought this would be far more interesting.

    I made this, not because I wanted a "snake race" but because I wanted to make an unusual and creative race.
    Snakes don't have limbs, so what would they do if they were sentient and spacefaring?

    Create limbs, of course!
  10. This is the very first "acceptable" picture of the Cerpine race, in the game!
    I WILL make a better sprite for it, I'm just not up to it at the moment.

    Notice the randomly generated name!
  11. Breather

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    Sorry if you've already mentioned this, but since each race has their own culture, what would the Cerpine's be?
  12. What do you mean by culture?

    Like, how the avians are based off of the aztecs/mayans?
  13. Breather

    Breather Oxygen Tank

    Yeah and the Glitch are medieval and the Florans are more tribal, etc.
  14. Well, as shown by the first page, they're based on desert dwelling countries such as Arabia and Persia.
    They've got a few hints of India as well.
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  15. Alright, here's the status on the mod!

    Today and yesterday:
    Added hoods & details.
    Added descriptions for apex items.
    Added custom emotes.
    Switched to Floran palate since apex wasn't working.

    To do before mod release:
    Custom sprites (by that I mean NOT Glitch body w/ snake head)
    At least 1 clothing set. (may just be edited Hylotl clothing)
    Correct colors in place

    After release:
    All weapons
    All descriptions
    New ship
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  16. All Cerpine colors: Done
    Male Clothing: Done

    The wait will be over soon.
    Desert Wait.png
  17. FoxBLU

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    Never thought I'd have to be reminded of this guy ever again.

    Look, he's even in the same sort of cultural gear the Cerpine sport.
  18. Never heard of him.
    But I AM curious about him now. I can tell he's from the Kingdom hearts series by the heart-shaped crest.
    Do you mind linking me to his wiki page?
  19. FoxBLU

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    tl;dr secret boss in KH 1
  20. Raptoral ze great guy

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    This looks like a really awesome race idea, but one question: on the picture of the editor what is that other reptile race?
    (sorry but i really like reptile races in games)

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