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  1. That's a separate race idea I made quite a while back!
    It's not nearly as detailed as the Cerpine though, so don't expect much.
  2. Raptoral ze great guy

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    I think that it would be a good idea to change the body style.To make it less Glitch-looking.
    And the random names have a meaning,like an Avian named Meatwing for example(It actually was a name of a chracter).
    So the random generated names should be something like Venomfang(BEST NAME EVER) or something like that,all tough I don't mind the current names,they're kind of exotic and cool.
    Also,I think that you should make the sword a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit more scimitar looking.THEY AIN'T GOT ENOUGH CURVES!
    One of my favorite races BTW.
  4. The current names are all part of the Cerpine Alphabet!
    As for the Glitch body, are you talking about the recent screenshots?
    That will be changed later.
  5. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Alrighty then!
    Good to know.
  6. I've begun work on the body sprite.
    In the meantime, here's some info on the Cerpine that can be discovered through object inspection:
    • Cerpine dislike alcohol, along with a variety of other vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots.
      They prefer sour, acidic, and juicy plants, and have difficulty eating hard plants such as beakseeds and pearlpeas due to their teeth.

    • Cerpine are immune to most diseases and poisons, and have a resistance to acid. This is strictly lore, however.

    • For the most part, Cerpine find Apex culture quite dull, and they make no effort to hide it.

    • Due to their recent introduction to it, they possess a great interest in any technology, often wishing to study/disassemble it.

    • They're very adept at creating cloth, and take great pride in doing so. Poorly made fabric may disgust them.

    • They possess a sassy, almost childish tone of speech, mixed with a fair amount of curiosity.

    • When it comes to Avians, Cerpine are neither bored nor interested by them. The lack of tech and the familiar culture cancel each other out, so to speak.

    • Planned: Occasionally, a Cerpine may throw in a word from their language into a sentence. This is more common with actual Cerpine objects.
  7. Raptoral ze great guy

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    I dunno, Venomfang sounds a bit cheesy (No offence but i greatly dislike cheesy names and such)
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    sounds cool!
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    sounds good to me
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  10. Updated the OP to make the history look a little nicer, save space, and add weapon sprites.
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    this is such a complete Idea that I have no objections

    SONICFRUIT Space Hobo

    This is really cool and well thought out *-*
  13. So, the body sprites for male Cerpine are in, but I think they'll need a little touching up.
    Female sprites will not be very difficult to add, now that the male sprites are done.

    However, as a result of all my fooling around and testing, my game became extraordinarily buggy, so I saved my mod files and reinstalled the game.
    That, and the fact that the sprites don't look QUITE done yet are the reason that I'm not going to show screenshots right now.

    But, on the side, I did manage to mod in the first Cerpine crop! Say hello to the Shockroot!
  14. Epicface

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    Hello to Shockroot!
  15. Professor Clarion

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    This race and the Novakid are what I want most from this game. All my support to you, dear sir/ madam.
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    I really like this however i think the lore could use a bit of a touch up
  17. Do you mind elaborating? As long as it isn't the whole "They can't make things without limbs" deal, I may change it!
    I'm open to ideas, and there may have been something I missed.
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    Yeah i can elaborate. to be honest i really like the prosthetic limb idea however because the Cerpine are good with machinery instead they could make their own limbs and each tier of armour has different style of limbs or maybe ancient Cerpine found an android on a crashed ship and it came from there but as i said i really like the idea i just think that you could do something extra with the limbs. Just as a said note i really appreciate the fact that you have gone to all the work to make an awesome race i am really interested to see where this will go in the future :)
  19. Well, they do. It's just that the first ever limbs were Hylotl made, as the Cerpine were still in the medieval era, and advanced machinery would be pretty difficult to create, (though not impossible) without any limbs.

    Also, as cool as the upgraded limbs idea is, it doesn't really work within the context of the game. Lorewise however, there are a few different models of Cerpine suit, such as the one built for two-headed Cerpine use, ones with greater physical ability, and ones that have extra tools or limbs.

    Also, expect to see an updated Cerpine ship relatively soon.

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