Race Meet the Cerpine

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Darthkitten, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    I like the Sand Skiff type vibes on the front. Looks awesome!
  2. DangerDamage

    DangerDamage Aquatic Astronaut

    Love it man, I love your artwork and everything for it, I need to learn this stuff for my suggestions lol.

    A bit off-topic, but you think you could help me out here? How would I create an animation like yours? I have all the sprites and stuff made, just wondering.

    I still have to say, your race f*cking rocks. I love the ship design too, really getting a desert-type vibe from it, especially as someone else pointed out the Sand Skiff look. Upgrades could just morph it into a sandcrawler, essentially.
  3. Define "animation".
    Animation in general, or is there a certain animation you're looking for?
  4. DangerDamage

    DangerDamage Aquatic Astronaut

    Well, any really but I've only made test-sprites for a walking animation. I've messed around with free gif websites but I don't know the frame delay to make it look proper.

    Thanks for the response, I'd actually like to submit my own suggestion and any references like your omgwtfhowdidudothatawesome stuff is good motivation and a way to show me how to make a successful suggestion.
  5. I actually don't know the animation speed.
    Well, I do, but the program I use doesn't use measurements of time, so here's a GIF.
    Copy it, and open it in your own program. Whatever speed you get, that's the speed the devs use.
  6. Speaking of Respawn GIFs, here's the new animation for Cerpine respawning!
    Not much farther until the mod will be released!
    I need to make axes, fix up a few minor problems, and then it should be good to go!
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  7. Tleno

    Tleno Spaceman Spiff

    Wonderful... and, well, I love the brass aesthetics, I must say!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. It's hollow, but I kinda get your point.
    In the in-game version, your character appears when the thing lifts, unlike this version, where the egg "mysteriously" disappears.

    Also that was really fast.
  10. Gotta go fast.

    And I know. Just poking fun at the animation lol. :iswydt:
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  12. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    This race is really cool! I would love to see them in game. I'd totally make a Cerpine character. I especially like the art and backstory.
  13. Been a while since the last update! Gonna try and get some stuff done for the next Starbound update! (whenever that is...)
    Anyways, below is the AI for the Cerpine race!

    Cerpine AI Neutral.gif Cerpine AI angry.gif

    Since the ship you start out with is a ship that belongs to the Closed, the AI is also one that the Closed regularly use, and as such, is programmed to agree with their beliefs.
    While you were able to hack the AI to obey your every order, you were not successful on changing it's personality. Now whenever you use it, it insults you, grudgingly follows your orders, praises the Closed, and generally treats you like last month's shed skin.

    EDIT: Also, suggestions for the mod would be nice! What would you like to see next?
  14. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Looks sweet,man!But,the colors look a little bit weird...
  15. Oh? Everyone I talked to said that they liked this color the most.
    What color did you have in mind?
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  16. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Well,green is fine,but it looks a little bit greyish and dark.How about turning them a bit brighter?
  17. Well, I kinda avoided that since it would seem to similar to the Floran AI.
    Here it is though, along with the originals and the Floran AI for comparison.
    Cerpine AI angry 2.gif Cerpine AI Neutral 2.gif
    Cerpine AI angry.gif Cerpine AI Neutral.gif
    FloranAI1 2.gif
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  18. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I think I prefer the darker one.
  19. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Long time no see. How have things held up for you?

    I'm thinking about working on an assimilating protean race (think Zerg, only far more friendly and childlike), and I was wondering if I could cite the Cerpine race in my race's lore. (Like, say, although they have a similar ear structure to the Avali, the protean race acquired their quad-eared appearance after examining genes from a Lesser Everaren, after explorers made brief contact with the Cerpine.)

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