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    Welp, the computer that I had my precious files broke down and I got no software warranty. The good news is that I still have access to the mod's files on dropbox. I'm just a bit bummed because some of the newer additions past t5 are practically gone. As I've mentioned before, I occasionally work on this but not enough to give frequent updates. This could be the last notice I post before I let this thread pass the ability to bump. When I do decide to finish this, I'll probably just make the mod discussion the new thread or something.

    Nope, friend fixed it yay, still gonna let this die out until some later release though.
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    Aww that sucks, at least not everything's lost.
    And yeah since it's turning into a mod making a mod discussion would be a good idea ^^;
  4. Warped Perspectiv

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    This is pretty damn cool.
  5. Solinias

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    So I'm gonna revive this idea with an I approve of this race, I love the details you put into both the information on the race as well as the sprite designs.
  6. Jareix Cryvix

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    Honestly, I like the concept of an anthropomorphic reptile race. But i feel like its kind of restricting the lore and progression to only one planet. While I like the sprite work and the idea, I feel like it could use some more thought on how the lore and equipment could be expanded to other planets. Not that it's a bad race, I really like this idea, which is why I'm working on another race that is sort of similar to the drale. (Don't worry though, I'll give the Drale and Camera for some of the inspiration.)
  7. Camera

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    While it seems that most of the action is happening on one planet, Drale factions have indeed ventured beyond their solar system in search of another home. I've started working on the mod again since the giraffe update and have a couple things to show:

    This is the old T6 - T10 armor, while I'm considering changing the format to fit with the current version of starbound, I'm thinking it'd be better to use the unique armors for the 3 branches due to them already being planned to have different perks.

    An attempt at a better evolutionary timeline, I would think that the cavern dwellers are somewhere around the 4th stage.

    As I've said, Drale have been to more than just one planet, and this image conceptualizes the frozen, underground caverns of the sister planet Tamati. Most of the action would be taken between here and Baathum but with starbound exploration emphasis, Drale civilizations can still be found on other planets. (Mostly deserts or tundras) The two planets themselves are planned to be more story oriented.

    Some concept art of the landscape of Baathum, the Drale's home planet.
  8. Dargona1018

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    I'm so glad to hear this.

    With the armor, it would be pretty cool if that happened.
    I have no idea what the different perks would be, at least helpful late-game.

    I personally like the 4th stage's build in comparison to the last, as it feels less definitively "dragon", with the small wings and all.
    Standing fully upright, with horns too, just kinda makes it be "just another dragon race", which I believe you were trying to go away from.
    I gotta say, this stuff is looking sexy as ever. I especially like what seems to be those rogue drones in the background of the first one, and the tail leaving a print in the sand of the second.
  9. Freedom-In-Moonlight

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    You have caught my interest continue and I vote for this fascinating idea. Because post apocalyptic dragons while cliche perhaps are still interesting.
  10. Camera

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    Really? I can't recall any off the top of my head...

    Swift Steel branch of armor.
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  11. Freedom-In-Moonlight

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    More accurately their world is post apocalyptic but from what I read they still carry a more scavenged aesthetic perhaps i was wrong. Anyway its cool.
  12. Camera

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    Aero Bronze branch of armor.
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    This. This needs to happen.
  14. JellyJeffrey

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    This is a great idea. I hope they implement it.

    GET FUNKED Poptop Tamer

    I think the underbelly colour should be changeable, if limited to lighter colours. Great idea and I do hope they add it to the game, dragon races are the best. And if it isn't obvious, I'll say it in capitols; THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! :DD
  16. muzzles

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    i just realised how the Shard magnum was made a while back in a Pimp My Gun thread on the BLF
  17. Camera

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    Yep! Perhaps I'll fit some of the other stuff I made their into this.
  18. Robotoh

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    Awesome. I love it.
  19. Greymir

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    I would so play these guys if they were available in game.
  20. LejeuneCourt

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    I like this idea a lot, and I was thinking for the mech design maybe some "rogue robot" parts combined with more makeshift robotics.

    (Plus I'm a sucker for dragons- and Dragonith)

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