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    Wow! A race based on maggots! How interesting! (Sarcasm)

    Long ago, Magotarians were just regular maggots. In a top secret lab of an unknown race, scientists discovered a gene found only in maggots that reside on very few planets. This gene could potentially allow the maggots who have it to mutate, or pretty much "evolve" into large, humanoid maggots. The scientists hoped to awaken this gene, force the maggots to reproduce, and thus make an army out of them. They were successful in awaking the gene, but the resulting maggots were disappointing to say the least; they were just twice as large, with little stubs that didn't even resemble limbs. Luckily for them, the top secret lab they were placed in had state-of-the-art genetic modifying equipment. For several years, the scientists messed with the DNA of the mutated maggots, until eventually, after hundreds of failed experiments, they had large, powerful, and humanoid maggots. They were/are just as tall as humans, but twice as strong. Their average IQ was/is 91, slightly lower than humans. The resulting race was named by a vote of the scientists; Magotarian. The Magotarians followed the instructions of the scientists, being loyal to them. But, having sentience, they would once in awhile use one of the spaceships they would build for their army to secretly send out small groups of themselves to colonize other planets. These groups of Magotarians created civilizations on the planets they colonized, and could even turn their entire planet into one giant city. Throughout this time of these colonies being created and growing, the original army in the now massive lab had grown to the size of billions.
    Once the scientists had decided to reveal their army and start conquering worlds, the Magotarians turned on them. Normally, with their biology and training they would have thrown them in jail and executed (and later ate) them, but Magotarians feel a strong sense of loyalty, so they simply told the scientists they no longer were going to be part of their army. They would have stayed, if not for the fact that they desperately wanted to be free.
    The Magotarian army disbanded, and all went their separate ways to either live on a Magotarian controlled planet, create a new colony, or, like the player, join the Protectorate.

    As previously mentioned, they are about the same size as a human, though twice as strong. The average IQ of a Magotarian is 91, though the highest recorded IQ is 171.
    They have black mandibles in front of their mouths, and have many small, sharp teeth.
    A Magotarian's skin color can range from white to gray, or cream to a light orange. They have soft but wrinkly skin, and also large, bump-like, folds of skin every few inches or so on the lower half of their body. Every Magotarian has a large dot on each side of their waist, which, depending on it's current opacity, can tell how healthy the one who has the dot is; when it is a bright red, they are very healthy, but will look more and more faded depending on how unhealthy they are. Dead Magotarians do not have the dots.
    Magotarians have two small, black eyes, and two somewhat small nasal holes. On the sides of their heads, they have a thin layer of skin with an internal ear, alike to that of reptiles.
    They are completely carnivorous, and can eat meat raw, cooked, or even rotten. Consuming plants will actually poison them, and without immediate medical attention, will kill them.

    Magotarian cities often cover large areas of the planet they were founded in. Sometimes they will actually cover the entire planet. These cities have buildings made of usually whatever is currently available, meaning some cities may be made out of stone, or clay. Something strange about Magotarians, is that even if a better material is available, they will continue using the same material for at least that area of the city because they all have something similar to OCD, except it's not a mental problem, nor is it as strong.
    Whenever a city has too many people, the government will send the most recent parents and children on a spaceship to colonize a new planet, which keeps cities from overpopulating while expanding their area of control. Since this happens very often (about once a day for each city), Magotarians have claimed a large amount of planets, and this would be a problem for the other races if not for the fact that the universe is nearly, if not completely infinite.
    Magotarians prefer war over peace, and are quick to start a fight. After all, they were genetically engineered to fight. Even though they aren't the smartest race, they are certainly the best battle planners; they can wipe out everyone on a planet with ease if given enough soldiers. This, combined with their many numbers make them a formidable foe in a war. Luckily for the other races, the Magotarians don't want to be too hostile because they know the other races will band together to fight them. Funnily enough, Magotarians as individuals are usually pretty friendly.

    Technology & Style:
    Magotarian's technology and style is based off of colonial America, though in-universe is supposed to just look similar.

    Possible Sprite/Art Design:
    First of all, the only "spriting" I've ever done was some Pokemon fusion way back, so this will look like crap, but at least It should look bearable. Expect more in the future!
    ^ The weird black mouth thing are the mandibles. The lines are the skin folds.

    Also, before you ask it, yes my layout is almost identical to Unendingfear's Oscura race's layout, because I like how he did it. This should be fine, because it's not like I copied his race.
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    Just note that Chucklefish has no plans on adding any more playable races.
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    I know, I just put this out here so people could use it in their RP or something. Also, if I'm able to find somebody who knows how to make mods, they might help me make a mod of this.

    But who knows? They might just add another playable race sometime far in the future. Even though if they did I doubt it would be mine. xD
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    doesn't surprise me one bit considering modders have taken up that role. we currently have 10-15 available races for the latest version.

    still waiting for Peglaci to come back though. (if Djinn ever does come back..) and thankfully they aren't releasing new updates constantly. because if they did we'd have a lot less race mods compatible.
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    That sounds like it is intended to be condescending towards Chucklefish...

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