Race Meet the Monophytes

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Suika Ibuki, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. I no longer wish to share this idea. Move on.
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  2. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    This race suggestion is just as intriguing as it is disturbing, but its is very unique design and i think its very well done so far.

    A quick assumption though, Monophytes wont require crops right because they absorbs solar energy and have no discernible mouth...

    Cant wait to see how this idea develops and evolves.
  3. They probably will, since it's unfair that they require no food while others do. But lore-wise, they shouldn't.

    And this is why I support different racial bonuses.

    EDIT: I think I might have come up with an idea to balance it out. Considering they have a weakened process in converting solar light into energy, it's not always satisfactory in keeping them "well-fed."

    They actually have a mouth. You don't want to see it ;D Its use was to spit acid similar to stomach acid at hunters. This one can actually serve as a stomach. Yes, it's also an eye. <-- Old information, removed.
  4. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    that is true, but i guess this leaves you in an interesting position to design some really cool food since they have no need for typical foods.

    does this mean you'll make a third race suggestion? Because the last one on that sketch had an interesting design
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  5. Unique food would probably be a problem to other races though. Who else would eat tungsten?

    Yes, that one is also going to be up soon for suggesting. Probably by June.

    What do you guys think about the 'hair'?
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  6. Keep the hair. It makes them look more...

    I don't know. Just keep it.

    Also, I really like the armless cloaks. When you showed that first picture, I was really intrested.
    I thought that they were armless, and used short range telekinesis in order to use tools and weapons.
    I also expected the color scheme to be a lot more vibrant.
    I'm not saying they're bad, I just had an entirely different idea in my head.

    I would also love to see some different horn styles and interactions with other races.
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  7. Well okay, here's a brief log of an interview of a Monophyte regarding other races and creatures, both canon and fanon:





















    This "empty space" was intentionally left "blank"
  8. You are so funny, haha.

    Do you have a 1 x 1, 2 x 2 or 4 x 4 sprite of them?

    I was going to make sprites with hair and those robes, but I can't seem to resize 3 x 3 properly.
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  9. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    The hair is good. Its adds a more human quality to them and kind of qualifies them as a race, if it wasnt for the hair i might think they were a new form of soul eater, unless you werent looking for that quality then get rid of it.

    And i cant wait for the next suggestion.
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  10. Aavri

    Aavri Title Not Found

    i give this two slimes up~

    also keep the hair...

    also nice drill easter egg...
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  11. [​IMG]

    Too lazy to make transparent, but I'm sure you can do that
  12. Also forgot to mention...

    Well they will have customizable colors so that's fine. They're originally meant to have a similar skin tone as humans, and they're also based off my monophyte OC, California.

    And that reminds me, if Sir Whiskers is the mascot of the Parfelians, then California is definitely going to be the mascot of the Monophytes.
  13. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    You have an OC named California? Hahaha Sir Whiskers has a nice ring.
  14. California California.


    She uses 'magic' to speak [Which are actually powerglovse that acts like a text-to-voice module She wears two on both hands, but eh I'd explain that some other time. It's a long story].

    Her glove is what inspired me to give them knuckles as a form of weaponry. Possibly they would act as shorter range spears.
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  15. Monpyhte2.png Monpyhte2 large.png

    Goddangit, robes are more difficult than I thought. Still turned out nice, though.
  16. Monpyhte3.png Monpyhte3 large.png
    "Teenagers these days!"
  17. It would make them unique from other races if head styles changed by using different horns. Maybe if you keep the hair, the hair wouldn't vary as much as their horns would?
  18. I honestly don't know... Considering hair grows, it doesn't sound right if hair couldn't be changed. Likewise, I want horn variations too.
  19. In hindsight, what I said didn't make much sense.
  20. Affero

    Affero Contributor

    I like them. But the issue I have is that when I look through all the submissions people post, almost all the races are humanoids, why is that? With that I mean head, shoulders, 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 feet.
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