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  1. Monophyte Survival Guide
    Complete protection from the Visage
    Vol. I
    The Headhunter Visage:
    Those of experience have known better than to explore the watchful eye of
    the night. His corona a home of demonkind beyond the depths of the
    uncanny. His children have come to us in the form similar to ours. We do
    not know why they are here, but their deathly visage glimmers with horrid
    eyes that gaze at your every move, instilling fear upon our own. Beware,
    for they are the Monophyte.
    -Warning Note from an Abandoned Household, Vis Planet Sector 23F

    MO·NO·PHYTE: \ˈmä-(ˌ)nōˌfīt\ n. also MO·NO·PHYTES 1. A species of Visaggrum
    that immigrated from the Vis. 2. A carnivorous plant whose seeds grow
    inside the bodies of the living and dead.
    What is a monophyte? Where are they from and why are they here? What are​
    their strengths and weaknesses? What are their needs, their desires? Why​
    do they desire to hunt us? Before discussing any survival techniques, you​
    must first learn what you are trying to survive. Monophytes originate from​
    the Vis Planets, massive planets that appear to be giant celestial eyes.​
    Outside tampering has caused them to spread throughout star systems and​
    adapt to their surroundings, influence from technology giving them more​
    rationality and less instinctive thought, although studies indicate that​
    the latter seems to be more prominent.​
    Monophyte Physical Abilities
    In most urban legends, multiple stories have claimed to have seen​
    monophytes with supernatural feats: telepathy, the capacity to move as a​
    shadow, etc. Numerous reports have mentioned monophyte hunters sneaking​
    through tightly-knitted defenses without a trace, or controlling alerted​
    guards with such telepathy that they turn on their own allies and slay​
    them. While these traits work perfectly well for inducing drama to the​
    audience, the typical headhunter is far from 'magical' as they themselves​
    claim to be. In the end, they are simply humanoid creatures capable of​
    feeding on star light. Their strength, however, are hardly befitting that​
    of a humanoid. In fact, possibly even greater. Numerous victims, mostly​
    those who prefer to defend themselves in melee combat, have been​
    overwhelmed by an equally-armed monophyte, few of them having to live to​
    tell the tale.​
    A. Sight
    Anyone who has seen a monophyte, be it a lowly traveler or a manic​
    headhunter, will know that they possess many an eye throughout its entire​
    body. How does this aid them in their travels/objectives? It's simple, it​
    barely does. It's no wonder that, more often than not, a typical monophyte​
    would cover its other eyes with drapery or armor. That's because the only​
    working eye they have is actually their primary eye, which is their​
    cyclopean eye on their face. This eye is unlike any other. Recent​
    autopsies have referred to the eye as 'inexplicable', considering it can​
    see well beyond the color spectrum visible to that of a typical humanoid​
    as well as see beyond that of a humanoid's capabilities. The autopsies​
    have also discovered that the eyes are capable of communication, which​
    indicates that the eye not only transmits information internally, but​
    externally towards other monophytes as well. Many reports have suggested​
    that monophytes possess dark vision, considering they often hunt at dimly​
    lit areas to pitch black darkness. However, this has been proven false on​
    test subjects, who seem to have trouble navigating through an​
    artificially-created pitch-black test area. It is currently unknown why,​
    but many suggestions have been made and have yet to be tested.​
    B. Sound
    Upon visual examination, a monophyte shows no sign of having hearing​
    processors. Where a human's ears would be have been replaced by gruesome​
    horns, forged from the thickness of their eye-skulls. Despite this,​
    however, they have been known to hear. Multiple autopsies have searched in​
    vain for their hearing processors, and none have any clue as to where or​
    what it is. T he only information gathered is that their hearing​
    capabilities are nearly on par with that of a humanoid, although they​
    seem to be more tolerant to loud, shrieking noises and do not stagger upon​
    hearing it, suggesting that they may be able to notice sounds ignored by a​
    typical humanoid, but is far from proven. If this is true, however, it​
    could explain why they are capable of hunting in pitch darkness.​
    C. Smell
    As with attempts in searching for its hearing processors, the result is no​
    different when searching for its olfactory processor. Unlike hearing,​
    however, it is not known whether a monophyte can smell. All tests​
    undergone so far have resulted in no answer, most, if not all lead to​
    suggest it does not have any. Perhaps this is correct. Perhaps this​
    explains their lack of the need to inhale. Perhaps this is why they lacked​
    what humans liked to call "lungs".​
    D. Taste
    Although numerous autopsies have failed to locate both its hearing and​
    olfactory processors, what all autopsies have succeeded in is locating the​
    one thing most people never suspected the monophytes had: a mouth. It is​
    located beneath its chin and right above its neck, where its horns​
    converge. Currently, studies are working on figuring out its purpose, as​
    it does not require the consumption of food, yet has a digestive tract.​
    Unlike humanoids, monophytes lack taste buds in their "tongue", which​
    suggests that they do not have the ability to taste. This, however, is​
    merely loose information based on human taste. It is unknown as to whether​
    they have a special 'taste' organ like they do when it comes to hearing.​
    But what is known is the fact that there is a tract in their tongue that​
    leads to what is believed to be their reproductive organs.​
    E. Touch
    Multiple successive espionage attempts have determined that monophytes do​
    rely on touch, although quite obviously. It is, however, unknown as to​
    whether they feel pain. Although numerous tests have determined that their​
    brains sense when they are being harmed, they show no sign of being in​
    pain. Perhaps this is the result of lacking the capability to speak.​
    However, their eyes show no signs of reaction from the harmful tests.​
    During recorded attacks, headhunters showed no sign of demoralization. On​
    some of their failed headhunting attacks caught on tape, there were some​
    headhunters who have been shot multiple times by guardsmen, but continued​
    on doing what they were supposed to do. Upon retreat, however, they were​
    seen covering their wounds while on the run. It is suggested that they​
    secrete something that triggers their senses to null, therefore wounds​
    received do not deter their onslaught. If this were true, this partially​
    explains why the headhunters are mightily feared by its victims.​
    These guidelines should give you a basic line as to what a monophyte is​
    and what it is capable of. Although this has only generated more questions​
    than answers all-in-all, it provides a bit of information towards knowing​
    the threat that their culture brings, that is headhunting. In the future​
    books, their behavioral patterns will be explained, as well as the​
    different types of cultures and how they interact with one another, as​
    well as toward us humans and many other humanoids out there. Ultimately,​
    one should never turn their back against a monophyte, no matter how kind​
    it may be.​
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  2. Esbeckett

    Esbeckett Void-Bound Voyager

    I put in a vote towards this after finding it in someone else's signature. That, and your avatar now is one, I'm guessing? It just looks, classy. I imagine them dressing like 1920's mobsters for some reason.
  3. Edaniel

    Edaniel Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Can anybody make a mod with this awesome race? Anyone?..
  4. Raptoral ze great guy

    Raptoral ze great guy Big Damn Hero

    You are amazing... I wish i could "Draw" sprites as good as you.
  5. MoonyJello

    MoonyJello Existential Complex

    Oh no he's even writing lore documents now...
    Are you planning on modding this in?

    I'm torn.

    I 100% feel that if they're go to add any other races to the game after launch the Monophytes are definitely on the list, but I'm worried you're preparing to mod it in.

    One half of me would rather wait for them to added it in to the game officially, but the other half of me is greedy and wants it now >_>
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  6. Daj

    Daj Big Damn Hero

    Chucklefish doesn't seem to be above taking modded content and officially adding it to the game if it's awesome enough.
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  7. MoonyJello

    MoonyJello Existential Complex

    They took the Pixel banking system from the Pixel bars mod. It wasn't a coincidence, Tiy posted about it on the authors Reddit post.
    Plus it's under the suggestions page, so they're treating as if is suggestion. I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the races they're considering.
  8. Edaniel

    Edaniel Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Also, eah, eyeballs-stuff already include in the game.
  9. PerfyNormal

    PerfyNormal Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Why you so much lovely stuff!? I LIKE! ;p
  10. Xelot

    Xelot Phantasmal Quasar

    Currently this is my favorite unofficial race. Definitely would be a great addition to the game.
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  11. TheLostSentinel

    TheLostSentinel Big Damn Hero



    (Yes please add this. I think they would work well with a planet with the eyeballs hanging off of them.X3)
  12. pjb1234

    pjb1234 Void-Bound Voyager

    i want this to be in the game
  13. Xelot

    Xelot Phantasmal Quasar

    Is anyone working on a mod?
  14. Cruxifer

    Cruxifer Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yet another absolutely amazing race. I give you the :up:
  15. Eyrok

    Eyrok Void-Bound Voyager

    One of the greatest race suggestions I've seen on the forum, with a uniquely "alien" look on the galaxy. If they don't get implemented, I pray that a modder is already at work somewhere in the background.
    As a side note, they have to add more races after the Novakids, right? An odd number of races would upset the balance of the race select screen, surely.
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  16. Xelot

    Xelot Phantasmal Quasar

    Two more not counting navakids, to form a square, but I think it's too much to ask.
  17. TheLostSentinel

    TheLostSentinel Big Damn Hero

    Could even be just one more, and make it a rectangle, then expand the window.
  18. This looks VERY cool
    But why MonoPhytes when they have multiple eyes.
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  19. Because 1/11 eyes work
  20. ToTeMVG

    ToTeMVG King Homestuck II

    i am hoping this gets modded in, i´d love to play as them
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