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  1. Eldritch

    Eldritch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Their gasses are cold. So yeah, touching a novakid would feel like touching skin, that makes sense.
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  2. Drakearth

    Drakearth Phantasmal Quasar

    So i have been reading up on the Novakids i cant help but notice that the novakids share an important trait connected with an awsome show that pierces the heavens and overloaded with gar(aka Gurran Lagann.
    Picture below shows the resemblance.


    Not saying this is a bad thing. Just pointing it out to other people for discussion? Also can lead to in jokes/other material.
  3. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    This is the best race in game!It's really original and creative and I like the design:)
  4. Eldritch

    Eldritch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm hoping for at least one drill weapon, because ever since I saw TTGL I got a new appreciation for just how cool of a weapon drills are.
  5. Saiya Darkfire

    Saiya Darkfire Industrial Terraformer

    i like this :laugh:
  6. JazzPigeon

    JazzPigeon Starship Captain

    I'm hoping their storyline will involve an Anodyne in some capacity or another.
    trying to avoid/beat the 11 god-kings of the Anodyne, or something, would be sweet.

    So... it just occurred to me that I should name my first Novakid "Maurice" because of The Joker by Steve Miller. :mwahaha:
  7. Shadow|

    Shadow| The Number of the Minibeast

    Really I only quoted that to get your attention.

    I think we know about their culture, their lifestages, their history [or lack thereof] And even how they reproduce. But I have a Question that must be answered for sake of my Inquisitive curiosity! [And my backstory]

    Does gender have any pointful meaning to the Novakids? There are obviously male and female versions of the Novakid, but I can't see what the point would be in terms of reproduction. I guess it could be that their shape is manipulable, so a Novakid can be 'male' or 'female' however one wants, but would there be any other impact?
  8. A Novakid's sex is determined by the polarization of their magnetic field. Reproduction requires that the parents have opposite charges in order for a covalent bond to form (which is step 1 for giggity giggity).

    Their shape is not malleable at will, but determined by the construction of their brand (think of it as a rubber glove, which, while flexible, has a natural structure to it that doesn't change). +/- charges tend to produce forms that are analogous to male/female bodies, but aside from that there are no significant differences.
  9. Shadow|

    Shadow| The Number of the Minibeast

    Ah, Brilliant! Thanking you muchly. I shall assume from that, and the gendered clothing, that they probably have male and female roles in society too, so the idea of emotional stuntedness isn't out of the question if a Novakid's Mother somehow died. :)

    Backstory HO! :proper:
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  10. JazzPigeon

    JazzPigeon Starship Captain

    Interesting.... :proper:
  11. Shadow|

    Shadow| The Number of the Minibeast

    ...What are you implying there Mr Jazz? I'm not entirely comfortable with your tone...
    There merely did not seem to be a reason that the two Novakids making a new Novakid had to be different Shapes Considering the nature of how they propagate, so I was querying the nature of a Novakid's natural form.
    I was Curious. And Intrigued. And it had to do with back story for one of my Characters.
  12. The Almighty 404

    The Almighty 404 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Will their genders be "+" and "-" or "S" and "N" ?
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  13. JazzPigeon

    JazzPigeon Starship Captain

    Go on. :proper:
  14. Shadow|

    Shadow| The Number of the Minibeast

    I'm not saying another word. dropping shovel now.
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  15. JazzPigeon

    JazzPigeon Starship Captain

  16. Arkenov

    Arkenov Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh man, that space cowboy genre. Always a good favorite of mine. And now I can play
    and imagine flying in space....
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  17. Fayd

    Fayd Starship Captain

    Just so you know, Novakid are what made me cave and pre-order the game. The concept is brilliant and you should be applauded. My only disappointment is that they are not in the character creator (for reasons I understand). I just have to hope the Brand I want is an option! I hope the traditional astrological symbols are available, as they would be RATHER appropriate. An Aries Novakid... ACTUALLY FROM ARIES! (Or Libra. Especially Libra. That's the one I really want.)
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  18. Shadow|

    Shadow| The Number of the Minibeast

    The faces should be a bit small, so it'll be a push. I think they'd barely fit on most of the planetary symbols from our system... And I so wanna use Jupiter as my Brand!
  19. Samatazva

    Samatazva Orbital Explorer

    Just had to thank you for making my now favorite race. I love the idea and theme so much.
  20. JazzPigeon

    JazzPigeon Starship Captain

    I'm a Leo so, I guess I'd be there.
    could be a neat brand. =]

    Kind of assumed only the brands in the concept art would be available, lol
    I was liking the one made of three vertical slashes. X3
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