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    It was an intriguing question that was brought up. I was only curious so my applogies if I came off as "Dence as a hot bag of gas" ("drum snare..... Shut-up!") But in all honesty, I'm one of those "lore nut" types that loves to learn as much as one can about the universe around them. I mean this game already has quite the dynamic verse of life forms, each with their own unique history an whatnot. I mean, take the Glitch for example. "Originally part of a program built eons ago by some unknown intelligence as a means of simulating the social and technological progress of a civilization all of them eventually destroyed themselves when their technological progression began to overtake their social progression. All but the Glitch."

    It's the little immersive pieces like that that really get me into whatever game that intrigues me, and wants to make me want to play it. And the whole "What happens to a Novakid when it dies?" question was alittle something that caught my eye.
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    Oh I know and I'm not irritated or anything. I enjoy lore as well, but nothing irritates me more than when I'm given an extremely flawed explanation of something. Because to me thats an indication of extreme laziness, ignorance or underestimating the knowledge of the audience. I prefer being told "We aren't exactly sure HOW, but it works." rather than "Well you see what happens is they digest the food with magic and poop rainbows." I agree that it is an interesting question, but its not one that we should try to answer.
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    Okey, sounds fair enough to me. Thank you for the feedback.
  4. Rather than knowledge, I think it is the imagination that is underplayed in these explanations.

    Sci-Fi, Horror, and Swimsuits share this in common: to get the most engagement out of your viewer, you tease and guide them with information, but never do a full reveal. The imagination will do the rest of your work for you, and likely do a better job.

    That being said, here is my teaser answer:
    • Calories can be measured by burning food to heat up a given quantity of water and seeing how hot it gets.
    • From the original post: "The brand is responsible for metabolizing fuels"
    • When Novakid "poop," it comes out as rainbows black, crumbly matter. Maybe a little irradiated, too.
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    We don't even need to know how the biochemistry of Novakids works,it probably won't be used in the game anyway.
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    Well, at least we know you don't care... But Heck! I do! I like to know stuff, it's more fun that way!
    Intriguing, thank you for that! The more you tell me [even vague stuff like this] the more easily I can imagine the rest for my totally not canon backstory for my Characters which has already butchered Floran Biology. And I have a Novakid, so I'm gonna have butcher up Novakid Biology and society too. (Please do not be insulted now or if you ever do see the story) :)
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    Well it's ok if you want to know it because its fun.
    Also when a Novakid dies would some explode in a gamma ray burst.
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    So, the explanation I gave was NOT far off base. It was merely a suggestion in any case; I am sorry if I offended.
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    Oh hi, new OTP.
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    I can imagine a Novakid complaining to his drinking buddies; "Why are women are so negative all the time?!" ... Yes, that joke was kind of bad. Speaking of drinking, do Novakids eat and if so, how?
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    Can't believe this is actually being implemented as a stretch goal :D It's cool and awesome in every possible way <3
    My current character is an avian but I may just re-roll to Novakid :megusta:
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    Who said that the females had the negative charge? You shouldn't assume, it makes an ass out of you. But not me. Because I'm Awesome! :DD
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    bringing this thread back, but along the lines of how the novakid/anodynes will be implemented rogether in one race, i can say i honestly dont give a rats a** on how they look. i mean i still want them to be made from stars and still look cool. the thing i care about most is the culture. i want them to be as cowboy as possible. i know they might need some greek in there to compensate for suikas anodynes, but i truly dont want a large portion of the culture being greek. i want an all out cowboy race. the reason im posting this is from a comment suika made about how the two races will be implemented.
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    Who did you're artwork? I was just wondering if they could help me with my race suggestion poster, id give them credit,
  16. Tojo

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    Bietol is the artist.
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    Their really good.
  18. Indeed! You might enjoy his deviantart. Just incase he's to humble to plug himself.
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    But how do they actually eat food. Considering they don't have a mouth. Do they Absorb Food or does a mouth form and eat like normal?
    The Novakid's are definitely my favorite race and i would like to learn as much as i can about them. :)

  20. Like this:
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