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    I'm horribly tired. Let's just end the conversation here ^_^
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    To clarify it as I understand it:

    Novakid have a single coloured body composed of gas. Similar to how human hair turns gray (or falls out) with age, Novakid colour dulls over time from the bright colour that they were in their youth. Their 'hair' part of their head stays the same colour as the rest of them, and dulls with age at the same rate as the rest of their body.
    So, I guess an example would be as follows:
    Where a Young Human get's hair that goes Grey with age.

    A (to use purple as an eg) Young Novakid Gains a hue of a Duller Variety With age.
    Also available in Red.

    Accurate Bietol?

    P.S. Please excuse my technically correct but annoyingly 'u' infested spelling of colour that my internet insists on labeling a typo.
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  3. Yes, pretty much this, though in addition to becoming duller, they also hue shift:
    Young -> Old
    Young -> Old
    Young -> Old
    Young -> Old
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    Ahh, this is what I meant in the first place, but considered a kind of problen. Instead of that, I mean to say that the nova kid needs a way of speaking. How does one speak with out a mouth and no proper language skills? By colour change!...no? Okay ._.

    I just don't know how the Novakids would have any other way to communicate with others. The colour change of their bodies in order to communicate is just an idea. :3
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    (to person above me) He already answered you, -follow quote for more detailed answer- its not that hard =/

    Ok so! I had a question, about how long to novakid live, would you say?
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    This could make for an interesting slider - Age, whereby the age has three or four settings, and each setting makes the membrane lighter or duller - but I don't know :rofl:
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    is it wrong that i want a black n purple novakid. like black inner with a purple outline and brand. never gonna happen but i want one >.>
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    To be fair, that was quite a few peoples dream lightsabers too. Nothing wrong with wanting a Novakid that colour at all, it just won't ever happen in canon. I am sorry.
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    Maybe they change the composition of their plasma body, resuling in small bright flashes coming from inside their heads. Maybe the symbols on their face start blinking. About how that translates to a language understandable for everybody else ... well, I tend not to overthink stuff that happens in games. I just relax and have my fun with the game.
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    why not? there *ARE* purple tinted stars, unless the comparison between Novakid and Stars is not 1:1?
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    It's not purple Novakid that wouldn't be happenin', but the black core. That would imply that the Novakid in question, being black-tinted-purple, would mostly be absorbing light. (More associated with Black holes than stars)

    The art of Novakid implies that their 'core' looks to be getting lighter in shade, more going towards white, in a manner that reminds me of lightsabers. The point I'm making is that having a black core would be... improbable, if not impossible. The only way that colour set would work, I imagine, is a purple 'core' shading to black around the edges. I could even maybe see a Black Novakid being an option (Assuming the 'core' again brightens in shade), but a black core wouldn't look right.

    Just sayin'
  12. TheHalfBit

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    Ahh I think I understand, a black Novakid sounds pretty cool, actually.
    On a side note, if all it needs to be is lighter, why not have the inside as lavender or some light coloured variation of Purple?
  13. TheHalfBit

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    it could be that they create sound through vibration of the various gasses and plasma, which go through their brand to the outside in order to create "voice" how this would be made visually? I don't know.
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    I love the idea of this race!:up: im definitely going to play as one!
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    SO I really like this race and there isn't a clear armor bonus for the Novakids. SO I was thinking about the lore of the novakids and I think a perfect armor bonus is exploding upon death and dealing damage around Novakid. Or even a bonus that deals 80% of players maximum life to self and release an explosion on nearby enemies.
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    Useless unless in multiplayer...
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    where did u make it???
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    i have it
    so novakids passive thing should be they glow bright in while touching water

    so it may sound silly
    but stars and the sun are actually doing something called fusion and are mostly made up of hydrogen
    so no matter how much water touched the sun it would never go out it would just get brighter and have its life shortened by an amount variable with a lowest mount of millions
    so nova kids in water makes them glow bright yes
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    ooh, kinda glad and sad I found this, as I was leaning to wards the fish-folk, bu after reading this I am torn...
    whelp this is defiantly contributing to an OC design in my head. so I might try them out anyway.

    I'm not sure if its been asked as I don't have time to look through the comments but what defines a Novakid's gender?
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