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  1. ArmouredPixie

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    Hey on the subject of weaponry (was anyone talking about weapons meh I can't remember) could they have a gun that shoots some of their gases it would be super powerful and have burn damage (from exploding gas) acid damage (their Chemicals) and piercing damage (metals) it would be awesome but it has a downside, they are literally shooting themselves at something so it drains their health
    my idea of what it looks like would be like a sort of flame-thorougher and it wraps around their arm and has like syringes and stuff
    (side note if you made one of these guns and got a giant farm could you harvest them and have like an ammo farm?*evil laughter)
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  3. MoonyJello

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    Much better!

    Aww... That's adorable
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  4. Those sprites are beautiful, but I'm afraid they're not fit for the game.
    All the sprites have to follow the exact same body poses as all the other races. Not a single pixel can be out of place.
  5. Tiny mistakes like that are easily fixed, though. :U

    I must say this is my favourite race concept, and I'd love it to be in the game right now. :3c
  6. Eh...
    It's a bit more than a few tiny mistakes. (mistakes sounds like he failed at art. uh... problems?)
    Though it looks nice, it also looks like it belongs in a completely different game.
  7. FrozenOrange

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    Do want in game +w+
  8. Single pixels put in place:

    These are actual template poses, by the way.
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  9. Gravik

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    So far THIS is my favorite race suggestion.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. plz...stahp..it... my..sides.. oh..
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. DJFlare84

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    Dammit, my idea wasn't original at all... lol

    That said, I like it.
  14. GabirilosGR

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    LOL! xD
  15. Zain Hallows

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    aw man I love this race!
    can they come in any color?
    and are the symbols reflective of the body color?
    because I really want a dark grey one, with a black X on his head :3
    is this possible?
  16. Aavri

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    my new avatar :D now if only I can get clothing.
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  17. Scarysnake

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    I agree with this completely, this is an awesome idea. :)
    (awesome art too by the way)
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  18. At first I just thought "Is this just a copy of the Anodynes? -_-", but then after reading thoroughly, I realised how different it was and I was truly amazed.
    Everything is so well thought out (love the physiology section), and there's fantastic art to go along with it.
    Well done. [​IMG]
  19. Sousuke Kuroda

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    I like the idea, I think you could probably do better than "Novakid" as the name of the species though.
  20. I think it's more creative than Avian which literally means a bird, or Floran which comes from flora meaning plant.
    Not saying the in-game race names are bad, I'm just trying to prove a point. [​IMG]
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