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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bietol, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Zhaligkeer

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    Have you ever heard of David Van Kouvring? he's a physicist that loves music, well to make a long story short, the vibration of the molecules of a gas can actually be detected as sound! (he played the sound of Oxygen it was pretty sick) so perhaps by vibrating different gases at different times they form a language?
  2. AndIMustMask

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    for some reason i'm hearing twilight princess' Midna as the base female novakid "voice"
  3. Zhaligkeer

    Zhaligkeer Aquatic Astronaut

    lol probably not far off of what I had in mind, I just didn't take it so far as to think about the gender difference.
  4. AndIMustMask

    AndIMustMask Tentacle Wrangler

    it'd be a bit deeper or like Zant (also of the twilight people)
  5. Lordfiscus

    Lordfiscus Phantasmal Quasar

    Why are we relating a race about shadow creatures to a race about sentient celestial bodies?
  6. AndIMustMask

    AndIMustMask Tentacle Wrangler

    someone brought up that their "language" might be a collection of chimes and such, since you can "play" gasses (which novakids are composed of) to make noise.
  7. Lordfiscus

    Lordfiscus Phantasmal Quasar

    how do you "Play" a gas? Ignite it? No, wait, that'd kill them.
  8. AndIMustMask

    AndIMustMask Tentacle Wrangler

    look further up the page, yo. zhaligkeer brought up david van kouvring, who found that you can detect the vibrations of a gas' molecules (said physicist "played" oxygen as a demonstration).
  9. Gameguru09

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    Are the new revolvers in the update a possible nod to the novakids?
  10. Lordfiscus

    Lordfiscus Phantasmal Quasar

    Probably, you know, Western-themed race and all.
  11. Crasical

    Crasical Yeah, You!

    So, thanks a lot to Bietol for clearing up that the Novakid aren't a race of goldfish amnesiacs, that was kind of throwing my perception of the race for a loop.

    Now, I am aware that racial lore is in the hands of Chucklefish now, but I did want to ask Beitol a question about a few other things and see if he had any insights to share. (Anyone can chime in, of course, and I'm not demanding these get answered or anything, but I would like to know.)

    First off, Novakid are scattered to the stellar winds, having (apparently) in the distant past rocketed off from their homeworld into space without bothering to write down the co-ordinates of their original homeworld or have any way of communicating with each other. But later their technology is described as being in an equilibrium around 'Steel and combustion engines' level...?
    If they're like the Glitch/Maybe Avians where the majority of the race operates at a substantially lower tech level than the player character, why are they described as mostly spacefaring, with asteroid miners and nebula stills?
    (What is up with Moonshine/Sunshine anyway? Aside from the amusing reference, are they like bananas to the Apex? A tradermark favorite food that's fairly prominent in their culture but ultimately has no deeper meaning? The fact that it's up in the very first paragraph could fool someone into believing it's their Raison D'etre, even if it sounds like some relatively minor cultural thing, 'a drink that just about every Novakid likes'.)

    Another thing was the explanation about how the 'kid' part of their name was representative of "The youthful traits of rash, wild, and spirited nature. [...] One of their defining characteristics is their "I want to do it on my own" attitude, which keeps them from effectively building on the progress of their peers and predecessors and ever really becoming a mature/dignified race."
    So, within the 'long term' view, a Novakid community is hampered because no Novakid has the patience to write anything down and no Novakid has the patience to read more than five minutes of anything that HAS been written down. How bad is it in the short-term view? Presumably, they do have families and communities, so a group of Novakid doesn't immediately implode as everyone rockets off in two-dozen different directions to go do their own thing, nor is their independent streak so strong that a family of ... cattlesnake ranchers, I suppose, would neglect to buy bread because they hadn't grown it themselves?
  12. Lordfiscus

    Lordfiscus Phantasmal Quasar

    Huh. Let's say, for the sake of "What-If" questions, an Apex decides to force a Novakid to learn, and then shock him if he doesn't retain anything. Alternatively, a Hylotl pays a Novakid to read books about the race, assuming the Novakid know how to use Pixels.
  13. AndIMustMask

    AndIMustMask Tentacle Wrangler

    novakids already retain things. its that they just dont tell their kids/friends/family, which would spread the info. taching them isnt hard, but you'd have to teach every novakid now and that will be born the same thing if you want anythign done with the info.
  14. Iamthetoaster

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    Props to the adhd horseshoe!
  15. Gameguru09

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    What do you think the Novakids Mech is going to be?
    Personally I am hoping for a giant spider.
  16. Enzeru

    Enzeru Void-Bound Voyager

    May i suggest not being affected by poison or lightning? Considering gas doesnt really get affected by organic liquid nerveattacks etc, and, they wouldn't be affected by cold either i think, frozen planets or moons shouldn't freeze them, i imainge they still need to breathe or something, they don't have unlimited gas in them i guess...

    And, considering they don't have mouthes, i would assume breathing and eating = same thing for them, a race you don't have to buy food for, they need to take in new gasses all the time in order to maintain and heal their body, right? They should have a hard time sinking in water too, maybe? xD

    In other words, immune to most (not all) enviromental/elemental effects? No hunger bar, or temperature bar? :eek:
  17. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    Essentially, make them the most overpowered and overplayed race in the game. :up:
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  18. Artemos

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    This has been said many times now. It's confirmed that race choice will be aesthetic, not effective, and that there will be special craftable 'racial armors' that will grant specific non-OP effects to different races. For instance, Avian armor allows one to glide downward.
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  19. Venomos

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    Here's an interesting question, if I may diverge from the main topic. Since the game now has races that include the Asian Space Dolphins/Salamanders, the Midieval Robots, Egyptian Bird People, Sentient Venus Fly Traps, Literal Planet of the Apes, good ol' fashioned Humans livin' on the edge of the 'Verse, and now Ethereal Space Cowboys with (as far as I have read and understood) a short attention span, what other races are possible with unique traits without going back into some that are well known in pop culture? I ask this forum thread because this is a source of one of the most creative species I have seen thus far.

    If this post seems inappropriate then I can see what I can do about moving it elsewhere.

    Thanks for reading this lengthy post

  20. Shaadaris

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    A superintelligent shade of the color Blue! Err... No, wait, that's been done before...

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