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    Bietol doesn't even work for chucklefish if he lives CA
  2. GonzoQ

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    awww poor little guys, SORRY
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  3. Bonabopn

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    much better, now we all know to ignore what you wrote. :3
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  4. Alecrewex

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    I wonder when they you can play as them, they look really cool and they have been a big piece of conversation for some time now. They are probably going to be implemented in the game soon because of the increasing focus around the novakids, maybe even this year, who knows?
  5. Bonabopn

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    Probably this year, yes. The nightly build features them, and if you've followed the blog, you'll have seen that the devs are already working on it. I expect them to be in the next stable release.
  6. Alecrewex

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    Well let's hope on that! And lets hope that their ship is as cool as they are!
  7. Bonabopn

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  8. Ado

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    Well, I guess using coal as the ships fuel makes sense now?
  9. beari78

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    There should be Gaucho Novakids! They were basically Argentinian cowboys.
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  10. mucus

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    What would be the average internal temperature of Substringunt Asinaria?
  11. PepicWalrus

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    By my calculations it is approximately ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Degrees.
  12. startselect3

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    Haha, oh my god this needs to be added...
  13. Emwok

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    I'm probably just going to drop my other character and play with a Novakid when the next update comes out.
  14. User-named

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    So who has the legal rights over the Novakid race concept?
  15. Jonesy

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    Bietol, I would assume. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Why do you ask? Planning on doing a fan-work of some sort?
  16. Technically speaking, Bietol and Suika Ibuki together got them into the game. Their race suggestions were both melded into the Nova Kids we have at the moment (Suika's Anodynes + this), although Bietol's concept definitely is the more prominent of the two.

    As for who owns the original idea of the Nova Kids, you're correct that Bietol here is the original owner.
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  17. Legally, though, wouldn't it be Chucklefish? Obviously the credit goes to Bietol (/ Suika), but I doubt he could, for example, sue someone for using Novakids elsewhere.
  18. Legally, yes, they belong to Chucklefish now. But as for the origins of the idea, he still has ownership technically. Chucklefish didn't come up with the idea; they adopted it. Unless something in the contracts they signed null and voided that, they should still hold claim to the idea's roots, just not the actual Nova Kids in-game. Another person couldn't really say "I made the Nova Kids", because obviously that would be untrue. Even Chucklefish couldn't really say that.

    If something I said sounds off to you, I blame the time I'm writing this. Been working all day and I need some sleep lol.
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  19. Outlaw Star

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    Great work on the conception and implementation of Novakid! I have been real happy with them in the universe! Thanks to Bietol/Suika and Chucklefish and all the others!
  20. Warget

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    Image is broken and it not gonna work.. Can you rework it? (Cause i don`t kknow how my Novakid eats!)
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