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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bietol, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. FriedSpamera

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    Considering the shuttle was invented before long range communication, what do they use to reach others? Do they even know of any other Novakid colonies besides themselves?
  2. Jonesy

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    Space-pony express.

    No really, they use spaceships to deliver messages. That would be my theory, at least.
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  3. IEpicWolfI

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    I'm not sure if this was addressed yet, but I was interested in this:

    The Novakid can regenerate their limbs, which cause fractures etc. to their brand. They can get shot/stabbed, causing plasma to flow out their shells and unless sealed- bleed out.

    So what happens if a Novakid doesn't die via natural means (meaning death of old age in this case) but was shot etc.? Can their limbs be broken in some way? I'm generally interested in their biology in relation to organic life forms.
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  4. Tatterdemalion

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    Love the Novakid, and I wasn't sure if I should make another thread for this small suggestion or not. I'd like some haristyles that included fiery beards such as the ones included in the concept art. That way, we could all unleash our inner crotchety old space-prospector.
  5. Sillara

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    A question I have that is quite a big question. Do Novakids suffer from a vacuum, and do they need air to produce the chemistry in their brand?

    Regarding medical attention, how would this likely happen then? If the limb is regenerated and disfigured, which I can understand, how would they fix like, a gaping hole in their stomach or smaller plasma leaks? If a Novakid is prone to death more so than any other races, they may have something beneficial about them other than just being able to rebuild something at just a first glance.
  6. Grooverth

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    I have a question here. Well, two.

    At first, what they think about...y'know...stars?

    Obviously, they come from a star. Do they see stars as giant-massive-wombs? Maybe gods?

    Are stars related in their culture as a symbol of order and justice? Maybe something that the law order, governor or almost religious people will wear in their jackets.

    If both are true...are this things related?

    The other thing:

    They face-metal-symbols...actualy 'move'? This things can be deformed and transformed to make social expressions?
  7. Kenmendor512

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    So, it was implemented into the game, and I love it. Though I realized the respawn animation is exactly the same as human respawn animations. (I die a lot.) So i thought I'd suggest the respawn being pieces of gas, hydrogen, whatever- sun stuff particles being pressed together in a condenser. That's just my thoughts on it though.
  8. Varixai

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    The author of this (Bietol) made them a respawn animation here. However, Chucklefish (makers of Starbound) have not put that in the game yet due to licensing issues last I heard. Chucklefish will probably make their own eventually.
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  9. kawaiinoodles

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    I also noticed that the "quotes" you can make your character say are still very limited >.>

    But honestly I'm just glad they added it into the game :rofl:
  10. TheWorstPersonEver

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    "Novakid tend to explode violently when they die, so deathbeds are typically outdoors and at high elevations (with friends and family below). All that remains after a Novakid explosion is an inert chunk of smoldering metal that was once its brand."


    Why didn't Chucklefish implement that?
  11. ImperatorTimes

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    Umm First, love this race. You are a wizard.

    second I have a few questions: Does their color represent how hot the plasma inside them are? like, you know actual stars with blue being extremely hot and red being extremely cold (by star standards). Also is a white dwarf, a brown dwarf, and/or a super giant Novakid possible?
  12. DrFlashbang

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    This is my favorite race
  13. Blevruz

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    Perhaps we could have a novakid-specific mission, where you must take down Old Redd's space bandits gang.
    If there needs to be a boss, perhaps Old Redd turning into a singularity ? That'd be pretty awesome.
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  14. GoldBacon

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    They dont have the patience
    Just like I dont have the patience to apostraphe my donts
    Or spellcheck

    Hylotl not Hylotle
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  15. BigWhiteShogun

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    Thank you, thank you ! My favourite race in any game so far!
  16. TobyM88

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    The misshaped brand from a novakid's death could be forged to make a tombstone of some sort.
  17. Fluffyrox4

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    What's the joke in the cologulate one. I don't get it.
  18. Riordanwilliams

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    this is hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.
  19. TheTwilightDancer

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    So Novakids explode when they die. How do Novakid know when they, or someone else, is about to die? How do they know when to take an elderly Novakid to a high elevation to prevent the Novakid from exploding on everyone else? Also, are they related to the Anodynes and have any relationships with them at all? As for genders, I heard that opposite charge determines the gender. Which charge is associated with what gender? I'd imagine the positive charge being male and negative being female but this is just a guess. And as for anyone what wants hostile Novakid without Frackin Universe, the person that made Rogues out Camping mod on Steam also made a Rogues out Camping addon that adds hostile Novakid camps to the game. The camp here I made myself in game and I spawned my own Novakid Marauders with admin commands, but Novakid camps can also be found on your own.

    As for thread necromancy, since this is a popular thread and is a few years old and there are still replies, I felt it still relevant to post here.

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  20. Daikon Ocelot

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    If they explode when they die, I guess it is best to avoid an old or sick Novakid. You might join them to the afterlife when they die beside you.

    I guess when there is a doctor performs a surgery on a Novakid, it is just like a SWAT defusing a bomb. When they cut the wrong one, BOOM! They'll explode.

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