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    So Novakids explode when they die. How do Novakid know when they, or someone else, is about to die? How do they know when to take an elderly Novakid to a high elevation to prevent the Novakid from exploding on everyone else? Also, are they related to the Anodynes and have any relationships with them at all? As for genders, I heard that opposite charge determines the gender. Which charge is associated with what gender? I'd imagine the positive charge being male and negative being female but this is just a guess. And as for anyone what wants hostile Novakid without Frackin Universe, the person that made Rogues out Camping mod on Steam also made a Rogues out Camping addon that adds hostile Novakid camps to the game. The camp here I made myself in game and I spawned my own Novakid Marauders with admin commands, but Novakid camps can also be found on your own.

    As for thread necromancy, since this is a popular thread and is a few years old and there are still replies, I felt it still relevant to post here.

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    If they explode when they die, I guess it is best to avoid an old or sick Novakid. You might join them to the afterlife when they die beside you.

    I guess when there is a doctor performs a surgery on a Novakid, it is just like a SWAT defusing a bomb. When they cut the wrong one, BOOM! They'll explode.
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    Maybe something happens in a red giant Novakid that is a sign the Novakid is gonna explode within a couple days? That's the only explanation I can think of, unless Bietol considered it something different. And now that you mention it, I do wonder exactly HOW the medical field works for Novakids.
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    Novakid is a great race to play. I would even go as far to say they are better than most modded and all base game races.

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