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  1. Mitosis!
  2. I was looking for that word. I replaced it with a paragraph.
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    Yay, thanks to a suggestion of a guy, I got some sprites from Alternal. I won't bump the thread, and I got two likes. Its not that much, but it is something. If I could add an pool to a already created of mine, it would be neat, but since I can't edit the title neither have a pool, people will need to comment their opinions on my suggestion.


    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=NOVA KID
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    Found the page while searching for things to joke on, but what the heck.
  6. oh no
    urban dictionary

    We'd better get a new name for the Avians and Florans now too
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  7. Ahh my spleen
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    Thats different, the term Avian is a scientific term referring to birds first before its some form of slang. Whereas Floran is a use of the scientific word Flora as in plant before it is any form of slang. Both words are easily expected when referring to a species.

    Novakid is not a scientific word, and I stand by what I said.

    To give a similar situation, it'd be very strange to meet another species of aliens that refer to themselves as Tightarses.
  9. Well, considering how OTHERS refer to them as Novakids, I think it's strangely appropriate.
    - "stuck up" (Trouble with accepting others' education)
    - "no culture" (durr, everyone's too spread out)
    Anyway, I've never heard anyone actually use the term on the internet, so I would take it as a local lingo in some part of America where it's somewhat more relevant.
    There's a ton of words in english that can be understood as swearwords in finnish, should we stop using those too because they sound ridiculous to me?
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  10. For your first paragraph, Bietol explained the [possible?] meaning of 'novakid', and how it correlates to the race as a whole.

    Now that you mentioned it though, I don't think Glitch is a scientific word.. not to mention UD has some slang for it as well ._.

    As for the slang, i think it doesn't matter. Tightarse is a slang, but so is Floran and Avian. Whether it's scientific or not really doesn't change the fact that it's a lingo in the internet, whether well-known or not. The reason why I think it doesn't matter is because UD does this kind of crap to almost everything. Novakid appearing in UD shouldn't really make it a lot more of a reason to change... not to mention the one in UD is 'nova kid', not 'novakid'.
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  11. Urban dictionary slang doesn't mean real slang necessarily. There's probably some nasty translation for every word in the English language on that site.
    I tried looking up my (irl) name once, and it wasn't pleasant. [​IMG]
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    Neptz is a combination of Neptune, Nepeta and well, the letter Z

    I don't think UD has something for that.
  13. Well it's not an English word, and it isn't really a name (as in a common irl name).
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    I've already seen his reasoning, I still don't think it fits. Nova is fine, this part of the name makes perfect sense for a species of gas people. Kid on the other hand, regardless of what it refers to, ruins the name. I don't think a species would refer to themselves as Novakids. It just doesn't seem right.

    EDIT: Furthermore I'll comment on the fact that Bietol has acknowledged the Novakid may not refer to themselves as Novakid. If thats the case, why call them Novakid? Give them a name they'd call themselves and acknowledge that Novakid is a term used by other races to describe them.

    You seem to be ignoring the fact that the Glitch are literally a glitch. A robotic species built for the purpose of demonstrating societal development over time, but was for some unknown reason stuck in the medieval stage. The name fits fine, because it isn't a naturally evolved species.

    The fact that the word is in UD isn't the reason I have a problem with it. I had an issue with the name even before I was shown its definition. I don't think you can really place the words Floran and Avian on the same level as slang such as Tightarse. Floran and Avian sound like the kind of thing a species would refer to themselves as, just as we call ourselves Humans even though the scientific name for our species is Homo Sapiens. Novakid however does not.
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    Just deal with it.

    Bietol picked this name and he's fine with it, why do care so much?
  16. Sousuke Kuroda

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    He posted a suggestion on a public forum and I'm giving feedback. I'm giving my opinion.

    If you don't like it, well I have some pretty good advice that may apply here. 'Just deal with it.'
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  17. You keep using the same argument of "they wouldn't call themselves that",
    and people keep telling you that they probably DO NOT call themselves that. It was most likely a name given to them by others.
    However, you keep ignoring that and this argument is going in circles. So, I declare this dispute over.
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    Bietol listend to your feed back and obviously doesn't like it, that's why he hasn't changed the name

  19. Sousuke Kuroda

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    So? I haven't broken any rules here, I'm trying to remain on topic by discussing my reasons for why I don't think Novakid is a good name. Why am I so persistent you might ask? Because I enjoy discussing things with people. I'm not going to stop because people disagree with me. Now rather than question my reasoning for the debate, why not provide a counter argument? You know, stay on topic?
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    To be honest the fact that so many people disagree with the notion of a name change, you should drop the topic. I dont think its best to persist a topic that people are just getting annoyed with. If you dont like the name then you can move on or grit your teeth and deal with it. Its honestly getting to the point where you're debating to just debate and not to actually contribute to the thread

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