Race Meet the Parfelians

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Suika Ibuki, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. vOriginz

    vOriginz Intergalactic Tourist

    A lot of effort obviously put into this. Also looks very well planned and thought out! I support :) Good job doods
  2. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    my good sir, I would wait for another year for it comes out, then I would be happy as clown had his balls rolled off the cliff.
  3. Captainpeels146

    Captainpeels146 Tentacle Wrangler

    yesyesyesyesyes oh my god yes
  4. Kuja

    Kuja Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh god, i dont know how much it fits into game, but took a quick look at sketches - totaly awesome. Would bang like to see this in-game.
  5. Raptoral ze great guy

    Raptoral ze great guy Big Damn Hero

    These cats are tiny though, so the insects can very well be a reliable source of food. And anyways the bugs in starbound are huge.
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  6. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    Although it wasn't clear (at all) the point I was trying to make with my original post was that this race gains absolutely nothing from being cats. They have a different name and they're supposed to be aliens but it still just feels like cats in suits. I wouldn't mind it much if they had a slight flair to them and weren't just shrunken
    And the reason why I brought up food in particular was because I feel like if you can't answer the question "What do they eat" when creating a race, all the world building in the universe won't matter. In my opinion the fact that they are tiny cats just brings up more problems than benefits and it's completely brushed over in the OP.
  7. Well at least they aren't just humanoid cat people.
  8. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    You say that like it takes more skill to give an already existing animal the ability to talk :/
  9. Purely from a design point of view I like the look of the suits, it's still better than just another furry. The pilots could be changed to something more original though, I agree.
  10. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    That is true. The design of the suit is easily the best part of the race and I really appreciate the detail put into them.
  11. Model QT-377665

    Model QT-377665 Ketchup Robot

    I'll accept I was wrong, I apologize for discrediting that the Little Cats had Assassin's Creed Hoods
  12. I strongly disagree with the change in the form of the pilots. I will not change their form in any way, and they will remain Cats in Mechs.
    It is heavily based on one of the randomly generated creatures that were revealed several months ago [Which I also have yet to see in-game], not to mention is pretty much the other half of what this race has to offer. If you look at the entire thread, most of the people mention the cats themselves; they love it. Take that away and you're left with what? Sorry for the ad populum, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't accept criticism. I'm just not changing their forms, period.

    If you don't like it, you're better off in another suggestion. This suggestion is made in order to create a silly race based on a 'cat-riding-mech' mob, and is for those who would love to play as anything cat-related in-game [and is not a furry race.]

    That said I don't and will not write and think of ideas for anyone simply because they question this race out of discontent. I would much rather do so if they question it out of interest. That means I create lore for the purpose of having fun, not to have a big sciency/biology/whatever argument that shouldn't exist in my threads. I'm not saying any of you are doing the former, this is just an FYI.
  13. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    I feel like this race should just be a mod at this point. You clearly don't want to change or improve them and I completely respect your choice. But as a race that you are putting up for a suggestion there are just so many problems with that statement. Because this is a forum in which people share their ideas of what should be in the final game you can't just decide what people to take advice from. You can't pander to specific groups of people. You can't just ignore all the tone and detail the other races had just because you did your race for fun. Because in the end of the day this forum is to help starbound become better as a whole. More than just cat lovers will be playing this game and if they realize the race isn't nearly as good as the other ones then you should do what you can to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Sorry if I came off as rude but that's just how I feel.
  14. That's because you are partially right. I don't want them to be ingame anymore. In fact I've been contemplating on taking down all my suggestions here, because I'd rather place them elsewhere. [I'd rather mod this for personal use instead, or to whoever would want it, but even that is unlikely.]

    But no, you're also partially wrong. I'm in no way obligated to take anyone's advice on improvement. I take what I feel benefits my suggestion the most. You're free to express how you feel about the suggestion whether it be positive or negative, but don't expect me to take everyone's suggestions because it will end up as a clusterfuck.
  15. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    What I meant by that is that you should take advice from more than just people that like your idea, not that you should take everyone's advice. Sorry I'm bad at wording things
  16. I'm not sure what made you think I don't, but I do.

    I just don't like removing the cats being featured as the pilots, so I refuse to change it.
  17. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    "That said I don't and will not write and think of ideas for anyone simply because they question this race out of discontent. I would much rather do so if they question it out of interest."
    I'm pretty sure I interpreted this differently than what you intended so I'm sorry for making false claims.
  18. Mmh, you misinterpreted it, but in your defense I can see it's not easily understandable either.

    I'll rephrase it instead.
    If you want me to write information because you are interested in hearing more about it [e.g. "Interesting concept. But I've been wondering, how exactly would they eat?"], I'm more than happy to write more information and think of good ideas to satiate your want for information.
    In contrast, if I feel you want information simply because you show discontent with the idea itself [e.g. "What the fuck is this? How the fuck do they even eat?!"], then I would not bother.

    If I don't enjoy writing something, I would not bother, basically. I prefer writing when I am motivated to do so, as it provides quality and more productivity.
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  19. Ethenedd

    Ethenedd Void-Bound Voyager

    I would LOVE to see this mod in-game, even if it was just a mod.
  20. Aquias

    Aquias Pangalactic Porcupine

    At first glance I thought it was silly, but as I read more I decided that I really like this.
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