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    You can use the Psyliphs in anything you want WITHOUT my permission. Just don't go around saying you made them yourself. I'd also LOVE for you to link me to anything you do even mentioning them~ It makes me happy to see the attention :love:

    Pronounced (Sigh-Liff)



    Billions of years ago, the closest relative to the Psyliph were merely a small, defenseless reptilian quadrupeds with no self-awareness, and sulked at the bottom of the food chain. They refer to this ancestor as the liphian. The Liphian was indigenous to the Psyliph home world, Vea, which was a stormy planet with landscape commonly consisting of mountains and tundra. Vea was unique, possessing a core of condensed, molten crezanite. Luckily for the Liphians, they were special, as their DNA proved compatible with crezanite radiation. Over the course of millions of years, with the assistance of extreme mutation, the Liphians evolved from small and frail prey, to a bipedal and vastly intelligent super species. They had their fair share of wars. but as they became more intelligent, they also became more sensible. They realized the futility in conflict, and lived in a state of perpetual peace for millions of years, focused on pure technological development. With the discovery of crezanite, they were able to advance quickly and efficiently. Soon enough, crezanite crystals became the foundation of their society.

    Interactions with Humans

    The Psyliphs were one of the first extraterrestrial lifeforms that humans ever made contact with, and were watching when they discovered FTL space travel. Psyliphs observed mankind for thousands of years out of curiosity. The Psyliphs are honorable and true, and respect all sentient life. They never intentionally harmed humans, and only experimented on the deceased. Occasionally, they would make research voyages to earths surface, and be spotted. The "alien" sightings startled the earthlings, and those that saw the Psyliphs referred to them as "Greys".
    As a highly evolved and intelligent species, they tried not to interfere with mankind's technological development, however there was one incident where a Psyliph observer drone lost power and crashed in an area of earth the humans called "Roswell". The humans were able to reverse engineer new technologies from the wreckage, allowing them to advance faster than anticipated. As years went on, and humans finally discovered FTL space travel, the Psyliphs decided to make first contact, and propose an alliance. They confessed to watching mankind grow for millennia on the sidelines, and expressed their excitement that humans were finally ready to learn everything they knew. The Humans happily accepted this invitation, and have since been great allies with the Psyliphs.


    Crezanite is a crystal indigenous to the Psyliph's home world, and the key to their technological success. The Crezanite is able to store and amplify their psionic power, and glows a bright blue when doing so. As well as being a powerful renewable energy source, it's also able to discharge the energy in the form of lasers, electricity, and many other things based on the device manipulating it.

    Cut, infused Crezanite


    Vea is a rather small planet, with a circumference of exactly 18,678 km. Its climate is regularly cold, with an average low temperature of -32 °C. Most of the surface is covered with monstrous, steep mountains, and scarred with deep and wide chasms. Fertile land is scarce on most of Vea’s surface, excluding near the equator where the majority of land is flat.

    Vea’s atmosphere is thick and contains a bountiful supply of oxygen, allowing creatures of massive size to roam its surface. The majority of Vea’s species are carnivorous, as vegetation is rare. Since most predators needed to hunt other predators for food, Vea’s wildlife have evolved to be phenomenally large, strong and terrifying.

    Vea, before it was destroyed




    Like most beings, Psyliphs are capable of many emotions and distinct personalities. However, Psyliphs are naturally level headed and calm, which makes them extremely difficult to frighten or anger. Upon first meeting the Psyliphs, most species assume they’re a serious and factual species with little empathy or passion, but soon realize otherwise. The Psyliphs love jokes, art and completely admire the universe for its mystery and beauty. Psyliphs are easily awestruck, and love seeing new things. Performers say they love having Psyliphs in their audience, as they love being entertained and admire everyone that makes them laugh. As a society, they’re dedicated to unraveling all the secrets the universe has hidden away, and are thrilled to share their knowledge with any extraterrestrial being willing to listen.


    Psyliph culture isn't as diverse as humans, and wasn't influenced by religious or spiritual views in the slightest. All of Psyliph culture revolves around science and furthering their overall understanding of the universe. They've long since abolished individual territories, merging all Psyliph countries and factions into one strengthened civilization. Their government is similar to a Technocracy or a Geniocracy. High ranking and respected members of scientific fields and essential groups act as ambassadors to represent their field or division. An ambassador from each of the following must be present at every council meeting:

    • Representative from the Field of Chemistry
    • Representative from the Field of Astronomy
    • Representative from the Field of Physics
    • Representative from the Field of Biology
    • Representative from the Field of Ecology
    • Representative from the Medical Board
    • Representative from the IDPS (Institute of Defense and Public Safety)
    • Representative from the ITD (Institute of Technological Development)
    • Representative from the PRT (Public Relations and Treatment Board)
    • Representative from the GID (Galactic Interactions and Diplomacy Board)
    • Representative from the AIA (Analysis and Intelligence Agency)
    Council meetings normally regard public affairs, scientific/technological progress and development, and interactions with other sentient life forms. Recently the Council decided to open an optional seat for a human ambassador, hoping to share their knowledge with mankind.


    Since Vea consisted of rather harsh terrain, most of the Psyliph population congregated at one location to limit the amount of travel distance between destinations. The hundreds of cities soon developed and formed their planets capital, the great metropolis known as Vi’Alana, commonly abbreviated to Val. Val is surrounded by a large and extremely intricate eco dome, which not only keeps hostile indigenous wildlife away from the city, but warms the temperature to a comfortable state, allowing the inhabitants to relax and get out of the cold. Besides Val, no other major cities reside on Vea. A few small villages and research labs scatter the planet, but most Psyliphs live happily within Val’s eco dome.


    Their population never got out of control, and hovered at a steady 10 million for many centuries. It’s speculated that this is because reproduction is exhausting for Psyliphs, and can’t happen by accident as it can with humans. Having children and passing on a family legacy wasn’t considered important in a Psyliph life and was normally only done for the logical reason, keeping their race alive. Some may assume this means Psyliphs aren’t capable of affection or love for their children or family, but that’s not the case. Though they don’t instinctually desire children, once born they are cherished and respected. As their society advanced, Governing authorities began regulating reproduction, and a system was put in place to keep population steady. After a consensus determined the current Psyliph population was approximately 10 million, a “ticket system” was announced. The ticket system worked by allowing potential parents to declare they wished to conceive, and acquired a ticket if the population was below 10 million. As Psyliphs were deemed dead, tickets were added to the available stock, opening up spots for new children. Parents who wished to conceive at a time where no tickets were available were given a placeholder ticket that held their spot if one were to become available.


    Since a Psyliph child acquires all of their parent’s knowledge upon birth, an educational system was never necessary in Psyliph society. This allowed them to advance quickly and efficiently, as a born child was almost immediately ready to jump into the workforce. As family lineage carried on, a child would become more and more intelligent by piling on the information of their ancestors. Though this allowed Psyliphs to advance quickly, they arrived at a point where new knowledge became more and more difficult to acquire. Technology and Science could only advance so fast, so new knowledge required a few generations of work to uncover.



    A Psyliph's most precious organ are their brains. Though you could say this about most creatures, the Psyliph have a strange dependence on their mental abilities. Quite large and incredibly intricate, a Psyliphs mind is one of the most advanced pieces of organic machinery in the known universe.

    As a result of being exposed to crezanite radiation for millions of years, the Psyliph possess extraordinary psionic abilities. Though they do not have mouths, they’re able to communicate by projecting their thoughts through sound waves emitted from their brain. This causes their voice to echo and wobble in a way that makes them sound almost robotic or celestial. Unfortunately, telepathic communication is something only the most amazing Pysliphs are capable of, as well as most forms of telekinesis.

    The Psyliph have a skeletal structure similar to humans in layout, but are vastly different in appearance. Excluding a varied bone layout in the abdomen, a male and female Psyliph are generally identical. Their bones aren’t as dense as humans, so although they’re lighter, they’re also more fragile.

    A Psyliph’s muscle tissue is strong and rubbery, but doesn't grow much, if at all. They may not be very strong or fast, but they have nearly unlimited stamina due to the durability of their muscle. Luckily enough for the Psyliph, they can fuel their physical strength with psionic energy. This doesn't mean that the most intelligent Psyliph are also the strongest, as intelligence and psionic potential are completely different skills.

    Psyliph skin is smooth and dry in texture, and seems to repel water. Their skin pigment is usual a dull or greyish tone. Their nerves aren't very sensitive, so their sense of touch isn't as intense as other species. They can see about as far as humans can, however, their eyes take in light from nearly 360 degrees around, providing them with a panoramic view, excluding a blind spot directly behind and above them.

    They consume food through a sealed orifice in their lower abdomen, which leads directly to the stomach. They do not produce waste such as feces or urine, and only digest what their body needs in a manner similar to Earth’s “Venus fly trap”. If they eat too much and feel too full, they’ll be forced to eject any excess food.

    Reproduction, Resonating and Sexuality

    The difference between a male and female Psyliph comes down to one minor organ, which in the Psyliph medical field is called the “blemel”. The blemel is located in what humans may call the “breasts”; however the breasts aren’t what humans would expect, as a females chest is solid and covered by a layer of extra bone. The dual spherical shape is created by the pair of blemel all females have that grow from the heart during their birth. The blemel play the most important role in reproduction and sexual interactions.
    Psyliphs have no reproductive organs, and rely solely on their psionic energy to mate. Before trying to create a child, a Psyliph couple needs to consume a large amount of food in preparation to enter a comatose state. The couple then (traditionally) lie down together and begin to link, or resonate. This act is the Psyliph equivalent of sexual intercourse.

    Their craniums glow a faint, pale blue and psionic energy begins to materialize and pulse around them. The energy is referred to as “waves”, and each gender produces a different one. A male Psyliph releases what they call a ‘Y wave’, while the female releases an 'X wave’.
    The female’s blemel is what allows her to produce the X wave, as it excretes hormones and chemicals that not only act as an aphrodisiac, but convert the base Y wave into an X wave.

    As the two waves meet each other, they begin to fuse and meld into one harmonic pulse. The parent’s thoughts, emotions and knowledge manifest as a pulsing orb of energy, and over a period of 3 months, transition into a fully grown and matured Psyliph. During conception, the parents subconsciously affect the child’s appearance with their emotions and personality. Physical and mental defects can occur if a parent doesn't feel entirely comfortable with their mate, harbor ill intentions, or possess overwhelming negative emotion. The child retains all the knowledge their parents possessed at the time of conception.

    This process causes the parents extreme exhaustion and mild paralysis. If a parent is feeble, sick, or old, they may die. On average it takes a Psyliph 3 – 4 months to recover their energy. During this time the child is responsible for their parents, and takes care of them.

    Resonating doesn't require the couple to enter a comatose state unless reproduction is desired. Resonating is normally done with the desire of pleasure, for any amount of time the couple is comfortable with. Though homosexuality is accepted and considered normal in Psyliph society, the pleasure received from Resonating is more intense between a male and female.

    Distinguishing features

    A Psyliphs cranium can come in a few simple shapes and forms, however Psyliphs are just like any other society, and enjoy looking unique and "attractive". A popular process in Psyliph culture is a little thing called "Cranial Implants", where artificial bone is attached to the recipients skull, under the skin. Though this sounds painful to us, it's very common in Psyliph culture, and is similar to humans getting piercings. These implants are wired into a Psyliph's nervous system, allowing them to contract them at will. This prevents Psyliphs from requiring custom fit helmets or hats when dressing up or doing a job.




    The Psyliph people previously had no interest in clothing, and only wore equipment to keep warm or assist in

    work. Otherwise, they had no need to wear anything. However, upon discovering mankind they found the idea of clothing fascinating, and became intrigued. They would make trips to earth to "borrow" pieces of clothing from all around the world, and as human style changed, so did the Psyliphs.



    Psyliphs picked up tattooing from humans, and instead of inking characters, words, or random images on themselves, they prefer to cover their bodies with markings of varying shapes and lines, most of which follow a single theme, and are normally a single color.



    Their military equipment is highly advanced, and unlike anything found on earth. The foundation of their phenomenal technological advancement is their ability to power equipment with their own psionic energy.

    By liquidizing Crezanite and running it through their armor, they were able to develop a super suit powered by the Psyliph using it. The rest of the suit is held together by a Titanium mesh, providing serious protection but retaining flexibility.

    Basic set of armor

    ValStride MKII

    2nd generation body armor, more advanced than the first.


    One of the Psyliph's most iconic energy sword, known as sleet.

    They tend to favor electrical weapons and lasers in combat.


    (Using a Po dispenser for target practice)
    (Note this animation is just for fun, I don't assume that this would make it into the game)
    (Don't know why this version puts a white outline around the Po', but it's over all better quality so I'll keep it)


    The Psyliphs aren't fond of war and conflict, but will eagerly dispatch anyone or anything threatening them or their allies. Psyliphs are masters of espionage and stealth operations, and prefer precise and lethal strikes over a head on blood bath.


    (Coming soon)



    Sentry's are a guardian type AI that were built to protect cities, towns, or anything that needed protecting. Most of the wildlife on Vea was rather hostile and large, proving the Sentry necessary for comfortable survival.
    The spherical crystal making up most of the Sentry is actually an amplifying lens that allows it to fire lasers at hostile targets in any direction around it.

    Gurana MKIII
    Here's the first attempt at the Psyliphs mech. I may remake it, plus I'm working on animating it (better) Woo hoo~!

    (Coming soon)


    This area is for non-info related artwork. If I ever doodle or draw some concepts up, I'll post em' here :)!
    And hey, if people actually like my ideas, and draw concept art of their own, I'd be happy to credit and post it here too ~!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    Ah, the humans, our great allies. Although they're behind us in evolution, they manage to keep up. Very impressive. They also have us beat in pure physical ability. We Psyliphs love the humans, their culture, music, food, art. It's something we never had before meeting them.


    They resemble a creature native to earth. I believe the humans also evolved from something similar to the Apex. They must be a close genetic match. The Apex are rather intelligent, I'd say close if not equal to us. Maybe we can collaborate in the future.


    The Glitch worry us. We've been careful to prevent an AI rebellion, so fully sentient robots aren't something I feel comfortable with. However they don't appear hostile, we'll have to keep an eye on them. The mind that created these beings is surely one we can not take lightly.



    Like a portion of the humans, they worship some sort of deity. We Psyliph's need to learn more about these so called 'religions'. They don't appear advanced enough to leave their home world, however they have done so, which I must accept. I worry they may not be ready.


    We've only researched these beings briefly, and know very little about them. I hope they aren't hostile, I do not enjoy eradicating other species.


    Somehow the Florans were able to get their hands.. stems, on FTL space travel technology, and what worries me more is that they know how to use it. The Florans aren't exactly pleasant. If they threaten our people or the humans, they will surely be dealt with.

    The Novakids have trouble grasping knowledge. Understandably, it must be difficult to focus when your entire body is composed of condensed cosmic energy. It baffles me that such beings could exist, quite remarkable really. It seems their entire existence relies on that metallic crest, it must be holding them together. If they could commit to technological development, I'm sure they'd be able to harness that cosmic energy and use it to their advantage, like us Psyliphs.



    The Cerpine intrigue me. I've seen creatures that resemble the Cerpine on earth, known to humans as "snakes". While snakes are non-sentient and usually act with aggression, the Cerpine are clearly sentient, and most seem kind and reasonable. They also possess excellent craftsmanship, their mechs and electronics are of superior quality. However, I feel their dedication to tradition may stunt their technological development.



    I'm rather fond of the Roos. They're a relaxed and friendly race, and generally pleasant to be around. Their cuisine is certainly something spectacular, and worth traveling the galaxy for. They share genetic similarities to an organism found on earth known as a "Kangaroo", and apparently like to joke about it. Due to their laid back nature, I find working with them difficult, however I highly enjoy their company while off duty.

    If you want me to add your race to the Interactions log, leave me a post asking so :)! (with a link to the thread, please ;) )

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    Not bad. Not bad at all. The artwork is particularly good. We'll just need to see how the lore goes down, if the Psyliphs are indeed allies with the humans.
  4. Symphony

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    Thanks :) I'll probably fill in most of this stuff at work, it's just getting late and I have to get some rest, so I couldn't wrap it all up tonight ;)
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    this race looks rather promising,i will await more info!*sets up a camp site*
  6. Ghostar

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    Simple design, but a classic none the less. I like! +1
  7. Clockwork

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    It's not a human with an animal head! Me likey
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    Thanks everyone :) I'll have more info posted through out the day (I hope)
    To be honest I'm still not exactly sure what to do for their fashion. I was thinking of something like:

    "Psyliphs adore human culture, and picked up a lot of their fashion sense by observing mankind. Before the existence of humans, Psyliphs didn't really consider clothes a necessity, and only wore "gear" to protect themselves from the cold or help complete certain tasks."

    I could go this way, and base their style of 3 things:
    Victorian Age
    The 70's/ 80's
    MAYBE. Steampunk. People like steampunk, and it could look interesting on them.

    Or I could just give them something completely alien and unrelated to human culture.

    What do y'all think?

    Thanks :) I was hesitant to go with this design at first, I thought people might just say "So cliche and generic, it' dumb." But I really wanted to do something with the Greys. I thought it would be awesome to be like 'Hey, you know those "aliens" people claim to see? Well they were right, they've been part of us this whole time." and be be able to reference all the cool alien stories we have, like Roswell.
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    Give them something completely alien. Make them like to eat poached pork directly after sundown, and have their buildings float in mid-air. This is an awesome suggestion, and the best explanation for the "Grey" alien whatevers yet.
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    Mods, my edit thing isn't working at all. Could you merge this post with the one above it?

    On second thought, completely alien probably wouldn't be the best. They should have picked up some things from around the time everybody was freaking out about aliens. Food, clothes, maybe even a bit of architecture. But they should remain largely unusual.
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    Alrighty :) Luckily the weekends coming up so I'll be off work and able to design to clothes. I'm really feeling some Victorian inspiration. Since steampunk is also victorian inspired, maybe I can make a new punk, alienpunk. Bahaha
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    Sweet! I'd love to see this in the game, or as a mod.
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    ive seen few real aliens on this and i personally like the bad-ass Roswell feel, the markings are good too and i like the head-crest/mantle addition, allows for you to tell the difference but wont betray the "no hair" thing. i know at some point some-one will complain that they "want to change more and make them super individual" that betrays the idea and i think that "alien-punk" sounds awesome i'm going to hold off on saying what ive envisioned until i get to see it, i dont want to have anything i say influence your ideas at all, i do that to my fiance and it drives her nuts but you've got my vote!
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    I'd love to hear your ideas, because I'm having problems designing some fashion :( I was considering just giving up on the human inspired garb, and going for something high tech and flashy. I also considered something similar to egyptian clothing, to touch upon the accusations that aliens helped build the pyramids
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    Egyptian sounds great. All the current races are based on some earth culture, so it totally fits.
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    That's true! I just don't know if it fits well with their appearance. Maybe I'll loosely base it on egyptian garb, but give it a spacey/alien feel to is
  18. Jonesy

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    Couple that with the speculation that the Pyramids in Egypt were supposedly built with the help of aliens...:X

    That might be something to consider in your lore, actually.
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    Ahah yeah, i just mentioned that up there^ It was my inspiration for going with egyptian garb. You've all sold me, I'll do it.
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    my idea involved neon coloration, kinda like something you might see in a rave, glowing tubes and sort of a high tech steampunk alteration, where it mixes the high fashion look of the turn-of-the-century era and the neon and tube lights (stuff you might see in a UFO fanatics "secret conspiracy HQ")
    i also think the Egyptian theme is good to go with but id avoid the color gold, it doesn't mix with pale skin easily (in my personal opinion) but heavy dyes and semi-robe like garb seems appropriate, i think reds and purples would contrast their skin well, also with dark eyes like that, its easy to tell why the Egyptians paint around their eyes and depicted one of their gods symbolically as an eye

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