Race Meet the Psyliphs

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Symphony, Sep 20, 2013.

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    hey! I really like your race! I enjoy coming up with races and worlds and stories. I'm new to this forum, but I've already done a rather crude adaptation of one the races I;ve come with to write a story from. It was a little bit of trouble coming up with how my race actually got into the starbound universe, but I think it will work for now. If you want to, can you add an interaction? I won't be able to get any artwork that's in the starbound style, but I got my sister to do a commision of a male of the race. I'll have it up as soon as possible.
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    Since you're new to the forum I'll go easy on you. While necroing isn't agaisnt the rules it's rather annoying, and you should probably send something like this via pm.
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    It isn't really necro-ing, the last post was a few months ago. I think of necro-ing as like, 1 year or over 5 months.
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    The thread has had like one page since last december, not exactly alive.
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    There are rules about it, actually. Rules that he isn't breaking.

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    I don't remember that, oh well, no more complaining for me.
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    right. Thank you for telling me!
  9. SweFox

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    Why isn't this a race yet :(
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    okay. I have an inference I'd think you might like to know. This race doesn't actually require clothes. right? so even though they do wear them now (because of cultural borrowing from humans), why do they choose to wear pants? Pants, I imagine, are the hardest basic article of clothing to make. Why spend extra effort making leg coverings when you could easily just make a simple shirt or something easier? Just saying.
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  11. HoodieNinja_7

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    So basically a race of Mewtwo.
    I approve of this.
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    Anyone else find it amusing how many people are like "MewTwo? Heck yea!" when they aren't really close to MewTwo.
    If you only look at the art and don't truly pay attention to anything else, than sure, but the Psyliphs don't even have tails, one of the most iconic parts of MewTwo (I think).
    If anything, these are closer to The Greys (aliens) than MewTwo.

    But anyway, after that small rant. . . . ..
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  13. HoodieNinja_7

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    I was just noting the skin color and headstyle, but even otherwise, heck yeah to this race.
  14. Ado

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    Yeah,the first time I saw them I immediately though "ALIENS!!!!!!111!!!11!!1!".
    Well...Oldschool aliens
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  15. HoodieNinja_7

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    I'd play as this race.

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