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    Their lore is similar to various ancient barbaric cultures.
    The food consists mostly of meat, fish, both raw and cooked. They make the strongest, most spiced beverages in the galaxy.
    While mining under the ice, they discovered the ancient tecnology of a lost cilization, frozen and well preserved on their planet for thousand of years.
    They managed to rebuild the tecnology, and then use their starships to explore the galaxy to find new, suitable planets for their expansion.
    While they are not particulary aggressive, they do have expansionistic tendencies. Rather than destroying the civilizations the find, they occupy them and absorb their culture.

    The Spyger appear like humanoids. The apparently have two arms and two legs, but four of their limbs are vestigial, wrapped arount the chest. The head has eight blue eyes.
    While not having external ears tufts of hair protect the inner ears from the cold, which gives them a vaguely feline appearance.
    The also possess fangs, more correctectly chelicerae.
    The fur can be of various colors, depending where the Spyger lives. Often it's light blue, white or brown.
    In the game it is possible to change the hairstyle, fangs+beard, skin and fur color.

    They possess a strong sense of honor and pride, but are also rather cheerful and hospitable.
    They enjoy drinking, eating, and telling stories about their heroic feats. They are known to be a little naive, or even lazy or sleepy sometimes, but are also loyal and brave, and never run away from the enemy.
    Dying in battle is a Spyger's greatest honor.

    Still working on it.

    Common Spyger house. Contains some custom sprites.

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    I must say that I am very impressed by your race suggestion! It would be great to have some nice "frost type" people in the galaxy, also some of their stuff (like the buildings) remind me of some kind of viking type stuff. So far everything is really COOL but I'd definetely recommend changing their name, because Felaran is too similar to Floran IMO. So you should get rid of the elements that might be slightly too similar to the Florans. Good job and good luck in your further work![DOUBLEPOST=1436816445][/DOUBLEPOST]Also add some more various text sizes and colors to make people more up for reading your post. :D
  3. Jiko

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    Thanks, that's exactly what I thought. All races live in warm places. My race would live both on snowy forests and steppes, they are pretty much sterotypical barbarians from lot of different sources. Think about Asterix the Gaul or Conan the Barbarian. Sucks that I have to change the name. What about, I don't know, Aranix?
    Also I suck at formatting. Sorry about that.
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  4. Vegetable Lamb

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    I love this! Very interesting!
  5. Jiko

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    You think? I was quite ready to abandon this. There already lot of awesome race ideas and I'm not sure if I should continue this. Also I obviously need a race name change.
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    this is needed NOW
  7. fishnbeef

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    popular "Jiko" sayings: May you be as prosperous as Flen
    By Flens tail!
    Sing to your neighbors and they shall smile upon you, shout at them and Flen shall frown.
    A sword and a song are both weapons.
    my friend, you are as thin as the air!
    You make Flen frown.
    You scream like an Apex!
    you fight like an apex
    you smell like an Apex:poo:
    may his/ her soul rest
    (things having to do with food, songs, and Flen)

    ARMOR NAMES (in order from tier 1)
    Tuft (more of a fur cloak and hat than armor, but little pieces of iron)
    Flens Guard
    Flens Seeker
    Flens Heir
    WEAPON NAMES(not tier ordered)
    the comb
    the trimmer
    the ice picker
    the snow basher
    block o' ice
    big whacker
    apex shooter (crossbow)
    apex attacker
    apex dwindler
    frost biter (resembles claws)
    the dicer
    barbarian standard
    paladin standrad
    Flens wrath
    the Flen- atizer
    the face mace (which resembles an apex head on a stick. no gore included, its just a picture)
    the analyzer
    the idea rebooter
    the Block
    villages can have a blacksmith, a feast hall (tables and tapestries, covered in food, an armory ( bunch of soldiers, which, if you have armor, should salute to you, or have special text about battle) and possibly a couple Hylotl houses scattered around the village. most "JIko" warriors should have an axe or shortsword, and long range weapons can be crossbows or huge intricate mechanical bows. they should also have an inn OR old peoples home to add some comedy to these characters. the old Jikos can be hunched over and talk about war things that begin with "back in my day..." and "in the age of Flen..." or possibly "i kicked some apex butt back when..."

    if you are apex, you won't be attacked immediately, for the "jikos" only attack Apex that are with the Miniking, which, if you read the Apex intro you will see, you are not. they should, however, give off a gruff face and whisper to each other, or interact in some way when they see you, even without weapons in your hand. they will act the same way with any NPC races, except for NPC Apex attackers or travelers, which they will attack immediately, yelling:
    "attack the fiend!"
    "for Flen!"
    "curse the Miniking!"
    "you are not welcome here!"
    "look! Apex fools!"
    "destroy the tyrants!"
    "Aha! Apex Spies!'
    if the warriors win such a battle, they should say;
    "ew, apex fur..."
    "i think that one had dandruff!"
    "yuck, that one was breathing on me..."
    "excuse me, i wish to go wash my hands"
    "HOLD STILL! you have Apex fur on you, i shall get it!"
    "Flen be blessed! i am alive"
    "Flen has blessed me (us)"
    "Don't tell anyone about this.... they may freak out"
    "proves them right!"
    "take that MIniking!"
    "now for some refreshments!"
    "last one to the mess hall gets raw crab"
    "ah yes, now for some food!"
    and so on. Jiko, if you like these ideas, please use them!
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  8. Jiko

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    Well, how can I say "no", now? Yes, I'm that kind of guy who starts lot of things and finish none... But I decided I want to continue this. Still thinking about the race name, it must have something that reminds of what they are. Spiders that also somewhat look like felines.

    There is an actual, playable pre alpha, merely a testing version. Male only, no items.
    Ok, my nickname is the dumbest thing ever, but that's why I like it.

    About the history, this is my original idea:
    Their home planet was once populated by two different races. One of them, had a much superior tecnology and forced the Jikos to live in the coldest, harshest lands.
    The Jikos were very different peoples, each with their beliefs, cultures and morals. Due to this they were enemies and used to attack each other.
    Taking advantage of this, they could never never defeat their true enemies, who often captured them to be used as slaves.
    One day, a Jiko found (we could call him Flen, or perhaps a more barbarian sounding name), well preserved under the ice the ancient technology of a forgotten civilization.
    Using these powerful , Jikos he used them to unite the different clans, and together the enemy was defeated. Then they started to create their spaceships, using the ancient technology.
    Now they explore the galaxy, looking for planets suitable for their expansion. Unlike the Floran, they don't destroy the inhabitants, but they "peacefully" occupy them.

    The clans never over time, each kept their culture and their rules.
    But recently, the current king of the Jikos mysteriously died, and the clans fell into chaos, blaming each other for his death. The clans now fell into war like in their dark past. The player as a Jiko, must discover the truth and bring their people united again.

    As for other races interaction:
    Floran think they taste like crab (?)
    The Jikos dislike them but they share something, like the expansionistic culture and the weapons.

    The apex want to know more about that ancient technology, but their oppressive regime is hated by the Jikos. They remind them of when they were enslaved, so they wish to do something to help.

    The humans kind of ignore them. The Jikos like to share a drink with them though.

    The Avian? I have no idea.

    The Hylotl see them as barbaric and see alcohol as a poison, which makes them dangerous. the Jikos make fun of them on turn.

    The villages found in game are obviously viking, but there should be more styles, just not shown. It's also important to make the race culture not too similar to Floran or Glitch.
    Each armor set reflects one culture, and each one takes the name of a different enviroment.
    Mountain: not sure
    Steppe: Mongolians/Unns
    Taiga: Vikings
    Forest: Gauls
    Tundra: not sure
  9. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    couple things i have to say... your storyline is like a million times better than mine. plus one.
    and i will think of a more barbaric name for Flen! for barbarian names, if you take a dwarf name and alter it, it sounds quite barbaric! :3i shall continue to think of spidery feline sorta names!:kitten: honestly for me, i don't mean to brag but when it comes to creating things and thinking of ideas i'm what you'd call an expert!:yoda:[DOUBLEPOST=1445434006][/DOUBLEPOST]
    arnine, charamine, Catru, arachtru, Cruuto (i used google translate, turned on latin, and said 8 legs and i changed it and got that :rofl:) Crituu, Feldra, felachnid, Foruub, Furobe, Ablane, felbane, Flreber, Bearabane, arpire, Brefiline, Hephrine, Herachni, arachee........
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  10. Jiko

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    Well, we can be a team if you want. I myself can make a bit of everything. Writing, sprite making and coding. I don't have lot of experience in actual writing though, so you can take my story idea and flesh it out a little. It's a really standard cliche plot, but it works very well in this game.
  11. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    i thought we should leave a little bit for the game makers to play around with. it'd be work for them but i think they may wanna change their own stuff. it is their game after all. do y'think u could make possible head/ beard styles or beginning clothes to give the producers an idea of what you are looking for?
  12. Jiko

    Jiko Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Let's be realistic. There is no chance this could be added officially in game, or any other race suggestion. First of all we don't even know if they are actually planning a new race, and their priority is working on the current ones, most of all the last entry. The only possibility is that they could get inspired by some race suggestions to make a completely different thing like it happened with the Novakids. I'll just keep working on this once in a while, add some sprites and think about the race lore a little more.
  13. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    i"m so upset right now...... i just made a fun little story about a Jiko and an interaction of an avian and his heroic deeds, but i forgot i wasn't signed in so half of it was deleted!

    [DOUBLEPOST=1445534404][/DOUBLEPOST](i shall write small stories under the name of grunk as sort of a way to get readers to think about the ideas. it will also be a fun way to depict the character of a normal Jiko explorer. i"m a writer in real life so it'll be easy and won't take a lot of time.)

    Grunk the explorer
    one day i walked through the dessert, a rather hot boring place where even the plants are as sharp as a sword! I saw a man in a black hood with a big black Gun, similar to the ones which the Apex used when i raided there little Lab. as i got close to the man however, he shot at me! i was supplied only with my trusty hatchet and my hunting bow, which i recently upgraded with a bit of iron. i ducked behind a nearby rock and loaded my bow, pulling back the string. I heard many shouts and footsteps in the flaming sand. i shot my bow at an unlucky fellow, and the next, and the next, not once missing my target. they joined the sand and the heavens soon enough. my ears twitched at the silence that followed. after a few moments, i got up, hatchet in hand, and approached what seemed to be a small house, though not much of one. it was more of a shack, which made my nose crinkle up. the smell was rancid and familiar. i looked around and soon found the source in the shape of a man......or what was left. other than the body, which stained an image in my skull, the house was empty. a strange day indeed.....
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  14. Jiko

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    Also, I had some sketches for the race. I'm not a professional artist but I can handle myself. The original sketch was a little different, they had horns and yellow cat eyes. The eyes weren't very visible with the white skin so changed them to blue, and the horns were stupid. It's a little hard to give a face to Starbound characters, so the current sprite is probably the best I can do. I probably should make new sketches and post some.
    I really appreciate what you are doing anyway. I have to say, bows are a good idea as their unique weapon like Glitch crossbows so I'm thinking about that too. But the priority is to find a new name for this race.
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  15. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    more name ideas! (Alphabetical order!)

    Arlurcke, Ardren, Borlu, Buuk, Bepuu, Charlat, Chorluute, Carak, Cheupa, Chorp, Delak, DorMauh, Dorblu, Dorluu, Dreek, Dyer, Dyier, Dyur, Depl, Dorabuu, Detretru, Demura, Feralu, furelu, Freluu, Freluh, Freilouh, Fereban.......[DOUBLEPOST=1445539490][/DOUBLEPOST]Gorluuke, Gorlu, felesura Felesurm (starting to use google translate)[DOUBLEPOST=1445539885][/DOUBLEPOST]Actythone (using a bunch of latin words!) Barbarus, Burantis, cumudenti, Burudenti Culmastas,[DOUBLEPOST=1445540047][/DOUBLEPOST]Furbluck[DOUBLEPOST=1445540103][/DOUBLEPOST]Feburo, Jorpa, Grupulock, Axethine, Atreture, Broken
    :( i can't think of any good barbaric names
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  16. Jiko

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    What about Spyger? Spider+tiger? I don't know.
  17. Jiko

    Jiko Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I remember about a name generator I made to exercise my programming. Sometimes it generates dumb names but it works quite well. Maybe I can give that to you?
  18. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    sure, that'd be awesome
  19. fishnbeef

    fishnbeef Orbital Explorer

    i was thinking of names, but i think i'm going too deep barbaric medieval. all the names of the other races are somewhat playful and fun to say. the names i've been putting make you think of some guy eating rocks and using a giant club to smash tomorrows dinner. so names like Spyger are wonderful, and i'll post more names soon.
  20. Jiko

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    Changed race name to Spyger.
    All names so far, are either real names or references to other things. Grognak for example is a Fallout reference. Their name is made of a name and a nickname. My favourite is "seven eyes" a parody of "one eye". I don't really know if randomly generated names would sound good, so I'd use real ones instead, it's also something that applies very well to fantasy writing.
    I'm currently working on my own game now so I don't know how much I'll work on this. Once in a while maybe.

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